Puerto Rico Owes the U.S. Nothing



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PACO- Why does Puerto Rico have to turn into Haiti? Dont you know anything? PR has always been the twin of Cuba, where there is no debt, no unemployment, free medical care free education and free culture, to say nothing of paid vacations and fully paid jobs abroad. The unspoken aspect of all this is guerrilla warfare. It is pretty safe to say that that is not the way to challenge this corrupt and rotten system. Some anarchists might try to buttress that idea, which will surely have unforeseen consequences, but those who don't agree must be ready with an alternative. My thinking is along these lines; Capitalism is based on profit. Late, corrupt decadent capitalism (which we are living in now) is based on debt. It has gone beyond early 20th Century capitalism that left some leeway for worker's rights. It has become a Leviathan of scarfing for the last penny out of your pocket, never mind the rationale or what it really costs (low value- high price and profit). I told a nation-wide chain store mechanic that I didnt have credit, and couldnt afford the $2,000 they wanted to charge me to fix my car, and he said "People have more credit than they think", and he fixed my car and billed me, so that I am now deeper in debt than ever. My proposal to the organized left that is willing to struggle is--boycott payment of debt. If everybody in the country refused to pay their debts at the same time, it would not be long before the corporations would schedule a meeting to see how the situation could be resolved. The beauty of this is that it strikes at the heart of the system, and is non-violent. The left would have some genuine leverage, and the capitalist Leviathan would be on the defensive for the first time in its existence.

Antonio Bernal 43 days ago

ok lets deport puerto ricans,

ok lets deport puerto ricans,, you wana be independent? then be on your own,, stop taking american aid,, which is what you owe,, you owe, on american aid.. why dont we deport all puert ricans,, who have fled puerto rico? who is puerto ricos accountant? what are the names of all the leaders of puerto rico? which milked puerto rico dry? and took alot of the money invested in puerto rico? we want thier names,, for the last 116 years.. all of them,, all your fake corrupt leaders,, lets make a list of all the companies who profited off,, puerto rico,, in any way shape or form.. where is the bribe list,, like the clinton cash doc list explains? you are all missing the main huge chunk of this story,, puerto ricans have been able to flee and become us citizens right? what is the financial cost,, debt.. hole.. of no puerto ricans?? that make it in america? ever goin back and investing in the island? does j lo have a clotheing factory that employs puerto ricans? marc anthony? felxi trinidad? and the other million puerto ricans who are makin money in america? is it americas fault,, puerto rico has been on welfare for 100 years? what are the money makin products made in puerto rico again? where is the puerto rican entrepenuership?? why cant i buy a puerto rican blankey in america? how bout some puerto rican guaraches and flip flops? how bout some fancy puerto rican summer swimming shorts?... so,, puerto rico? is basically? like the latino haiti? except you can all come and live in america? and terrorize the bronx? and miami? how bout the cost of inprisoning the million puerto ricans in american jails?? how bout we close the border? and shipp all puerto ricans,, and puerto rican criminal convicts back to puerto rico? and watch what happens.. how bout we stop aid,, and stop giveing money to puerto rico? when does puerto ricos welfare end? and the future begin? and you wanabe american colony? haaaaa.. you cant even balance your welfare statements.. what purpose does puerto rico serve again? do we need you? to block incomeing russian submarines? naaah.. so fuck it.. puerto rico,, will digress into the latino haiti.. good luck.. oh and america will sanction you,, till you figure out to pay your debts.. i guess puerto rico needs to start thinkin about growin some weed poppy coca rum start cookin up tons of meth,, and figureing out a way,, to pay your welfare service back.. yeah.. truth hurts.. you could be worse,, you could be el salvador or guatemala or honduras.. or venezuela.. we dont give them welfare.. the buck stops here,, mic drop..

paco herte 259 days ago

Calm down, paco.

Thanks for the laugh, the truth DOES hurt, paco, and it does seem to have taken a hit on you.

We owe you NOTHING, hell, the US wins $72 Billions a year out of us while we receive $4 billion. Walmart is a gold mine in Puerto Rico, the pharmaceutical industries here take $30 billions a year to the US (money that could have gotten us out of this situation), and the american aid PALES in comparison off of what you earn. THAT'S the reason why the US keeps letting us "exploit" them, you think the congress would allow us to easily exploit the US out of generosity? That's cute, we also pay for medicaid as well yet get nothing out of it. We could be like Central America or Venezuela? Bullshit, the reason they're doing so bad is because of the Independence war having damaged their economy, and unlike them, our country is heavily industrialized, leaving us with an advantage they didn't have when they first got Independence, and 60% of us don't receive welfare. Seriously, if we were such a huge burden, the congress would have thrown us out already, but they earn more than they lose, go educate yourself next time on that subject.

Yerry 19 days ago



Wanda E Vazquez 261 days ago

Puerto Rico's debt is not

Puerto Rico's debt is not with the US Departemnet of Threasury or the Federal Government. It is a private debt. Nothing of this applies. This is just a spin.

Jr 261 days ago

If Mr. Ruiz feels that way, a

If Mr. Ruiz feels that way, a solution is Puerto Rico becoming an independent nation, no American ties, no American money and no American citizenship. Travelling to the United States would require visas and as well as applying for green cards like other immigrants, all the "perks" independent nations have. It's tiring that the US has "adopted" and put so much money into their economy, yet were incapable of handling it. It's not an American problem. Stop with your entitlement mentality. You owe the US big time. Your problem, you solve it.

Jeremy 265 days ago

"Entitlement Mentality?"

"Entitlement Mentality?" Jeremy are you serious. Have you read up on Puerto Rico History and how The US has taken advantage of the Island and its riches and treated its people like guinea pigs with the bombing on Vieques. The US in an effort to force 40% of Puerto Rican Women on the Island in 1968 to be sterilized to control the population and the majority of these women didn't know it was permanent. How barbaric is this? Not to mention all the manufacturing companies that provided and continue to provide low wage jobs, well below the US minimum wage are on the island taking advantage of tax exemptions. NO Puerto Rican can make a fair living working for these companies

Throughout the modern economic history of Puerto Rico, one of the central drivers of its economic growth has been the United States tax code. For over eighty years, the federal government granted various tax incentives to U.S. corporations operating in Puerto Rico, in order to spur the industrialization of the island. Most recently, beginning in 1976, section 936 of the tax code granted U.S. corporations a tax exemption from income originating from U.S. territories.
In addition to section 936, the Puerto Rican corporate tax code gave significant incentives for U.S. corporations to locate subsidiaries on the island. Puerto Rican tax law allowed a subsidiary more the 80% owned by a foreign entity to deduct 100% of the dividends paid to its parent. As such, subsidiaries in Puerto Rico had no corporate income tax liability as long as their profits are distributed as dividends.

I can go on and on and site research and resources and first hand account of how the US alone has benefited from the Island of PR. So do your damn research you Mr. Jeremy who have no sense of what it's like to struggle and how only white america has the entitlement mentality. You have no clue how hard Puerto Ricans work for every penny. They are an island of resourceful people who take care of each other, on and off the island. Shut the F**** Up and get to know a fact...... The US Owes Puerto Rico, not the other way around.

Doris 261 days ago

The desperate are easy

The desperate are easy targets. Keeping them hungry and desperate has worked with minorities on the mainland for years and years where do you think we get our military from. It's those populations. Easily swayed. American Mafioso

Tall dark and Handsome 293 days ago

Cowards will always be

Cowards will always be controlled by the bully

inferiority complex 312 days ago

John Doe... I guess you didn

John Doe... I guess you didn´t know that in PR there is NO voting in matters of its political status. If you remember middle school U.S. history class, a colony cannot vote for or against its freedom... it has, in the best case scenario, ask for for it, and in the worst, fight for it... like the U.S. did. Referendums mean nothing to the U.S., only financial aspects do. Adding also: PR does NOT owe the U.S. a penny, so why is it enforcing payment to private capital who takes the investments risks every day? THEY took the risk fully knowingly, and now THEY don´t want to face their loss, backed by government muscle.

Wallice 313 days ago

The US has always reassured

The US has always reassured in the United Nations the right of Puerto Rico to self determination. In other words, we can vote for independence and it will be granted.

Luis Perez 281 days ago



Gigi 260 days ago

Oh, for goodness sakes,

Oh, for goodness sakes. Puerto Rico *could* have presidential voting power, representation in Congress, etc. But you know why it doesn't? Because for decades, it voted not to. There is a very straightforward way to get these things: become a state. But Puerto Ricans turned down statehood in multiple referendums in 67, 93, and 98, where the majority voted to retain the commonweath status over statehood.

Sure, they did vote for statehood in 2012, but that was only once the island's fiscal woes were finally coming home to roost. They don't get to complain now about lack of representation when they shot it down multiple times over decades.

John Doe 330 days ago

How can I argue with the

How can I argue with the theme of this article? My wife is from PR, and I am sure she would agree too. HOWEVER, the actual facts are that democratic rule in the whole of our nation is suspect. Particularly if you are not from the upper socio-economic levels. Forgiveness of debts (jubilee) and a move toward serious regulation of banking/finance might eventually restore some level of ACTUAL democracy to the US. As long as we imagine that our wellbeing requires conspicuous consumption levels such as we have seen/practiced since Reagan, we will see democracy diminish along with resource depletions and quality of life. The time to imagine a FUTURE transition to sustainable living is over. If we cannot all adjust our consumptions downward, and become happy with "enough," then a LARGE portion of our human culture will be in squalor, and many will perish.

bruce ritchie 330 days ago

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