About Progressive Perspectives

Progressive Perspectives, formerly the Progressive Media Project, was launched in 1993 to help diversify and democratize our nation’s op-ed pages. We train activists and nonprofit staff on how to write powerful op-eds. Our op-eds are distributed nationally by the Tribune News Service, and reach a potential audience of 150 million readers each year. Our op-eds are regularly picked up by dozens of small papers as well as by mainstream news sites including the Chicago Tribune, Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, and the Miami Herald. Our goal is to support voices that are underrepresented in the mainstream media.

The Progressive Media Project is an invaluable asset. In a time when people construct vastly different realities depending on the media they consume, it is vitally important to bring progressive thinkers and ideas to outlets beyond the big-city bubble. That is precisely the mission of the Progressive Media Project, and it is needed now more than ever before. –Laurie Mazur, Editor, Island Press

Media diversity is critical to a healthy democracy. We founded the Progressive Media Project in 1993 to diversify our nation’s op-ed pages. Each year, we hold a series of workshops to train activists and nonprofit staff on how to write powerful op-eds. We also solicit op-eds from activists every week, and distribute them via wire service to newspapers around the country. 

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The Progressive Media Project distributes most of its op-eds through the Tribune News Service. We track placements in newspapers, handle reprints (online and print media), field reader responses and media follow up (tv/radio interview requests, etc.) and provide ongoing editorial support for participating nonprofits. For more details or questions, please contact Elizabeth Miller.

Wow! I never thought my piece would be picked up 7 times in one month, reaching a potential audience of over one million people. I'm so grateful for the Progressive Media Project for taking a chance on me!!—Linda Wiggins-Chavis, middle school science teacher and social justice activist, Tampa, Florida