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Public Schools Advocate is a project of The Progressive magazine that aims to pull back the curtain on those individuals, foundations, and groups working both to privatize our public schools and to limit the role of schools in creating a critically democratic citizenry.

Launched in 2013, and originally called Public School Shakedown, the project covers the fundamental struggle for democracy going on around the country, as teachers, parents, and others rally to protect our public schools. 

We changed the name to Public Schools Advocate in 2021, embracing a broader goal to empower teachers, parents, and other community members to organize and advocate for strong public schools that serve all students well.To that end, we work with a diverse group of fellows—teachers, advocates, activists, thinkers, and others in the progressive education movement. We regularly publish their writings, support them in attending conferences and other events, and assist them in getting the word out about one of the most important issues facing our democracy today.