Salvadoran Americans have become stereotypically associated with gangs. Continuing media coverage of the issue, most recently of a massive law-enforcement crackdown on Nov. 15 targeting a Salvadoran-American gang in Los Angeles, has helpe... Read more

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David Bacon (Part 4, teaser)

Copyright David Bacon, Courtesy Special Collections, Stanford Libraries

A year after the death of labor rights activist Cesar Chavez, workers organize a march and 15,000 workers join in. Read more


Working with “Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson,” Alfredo Pacheco connects the dots between fighting deportations and fair housing. Read more

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David Bacon

Migration poses challenging questions about who is a citizen. These photographs aim to help break the mold that keeps us from seeing this reality. Read more


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Protection for All

They face choices to stay and fight, slip back into the shadows, or make a sorrowful exit. Read more


#1 - United Farm Workers leader Dolores Huerta organizing marchers on the 2nd day of March Coachella in Coachella, CA 1969. © 1976 George Ballis - Take Stock - The Image Works.jpg

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An ideal film to open over Labor Day weekend, Dolores is a stand-up-and-cheer biopic about one of the American left’s iconic heroes, Dolores Huerta. Read more


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Diego Lozano

Donald Trump's pardon of infamous "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio was a signal to his base. But Arizonans aren't done fighting. Read more


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Dawn Starin

Anytime festivals call for piñatas, Donald Trump has become the go-to figure throughout the western hemisphere for thumping, bashing, walloping, and burning. Read more


Most students worry about their test grades at school. Immigrant children worry if their parents will still be there when they get home. Read more

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Caravan Against Fear

The Caravan Against Fear, Caravana Contral el Miedo, has been crisscrossing the Southwest, joining actions in each city and town it visits. Read more



Rosi Carrasco

Working with Organized Communities Against Deportations, based in Chicago, she's working on a new sanctuary city, connecting policing in black communities to ICE in immigrant communities. She and others have big plans for May Day. Read more


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Noah Phillips

A growing list of over seventy volunteers are helping train New Yorkers to stand together and “get some courage.” Read more


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Sue Ruggles

Sarah Jaffe talks with immigration rights activists German Sanchez, Christine Neumann-Ortiz and Wilson Hernandez. Read more


Part great escape, part poetry in motion, the film shows a different side of the great poet’s revolutionary spirit. Read more


His legend, and his legacy, will survive on the Caribbean island he helped to transform. Read more

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A gallery of images from a surge of creative protest on the walls of San Cristobal. Read more

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The cuisine of New York’s most diverse borough can be found on the streets—where there’s a struggle going on for economic justice. Read more


His policies as governor starved Indiana's public schools of funding. Read more

Public School Shakedown

Working families—including immigrants—make this country great. Read more

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Last week's incident recalls teachers' protests in 2006, but with even more violence by police. Read more

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