Carmelo Ruiz

Carmelo Ruiz is a Puerto Rican author and journalist. He is a research associate of the Institute for Social Ecology and a senior fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program. His Twitter account is @carmeloruiz.

There may even be a case for reparations. Read more

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If GM foods are safe, as the industry claims, then why the stubborn opposition to labeling? Read more

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The states of Vermont and California have made major strides in defending consumers’ right to know about the presence of genetically modified (GM) content in their food and the toxicity of agrochemicals. But indu... Read more


A memorial erected in recognition of the 73 passengers and 5 crew killed in the crash of Cubana Flight 455 in October, 6. 1976. Photo by BCF. Even with the resumption of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana, the two countries hav... Read more

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