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Jeff Abbott

While Guatemala’s President tries to end investigations into government corruption, the country's citizens flee the effects of underfunded public services and privatization. more



Presidencia El Salvador

An intense political crisis has led to dramatic intimidation tactics and condemnation from the international community. more


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Jeff Abbott

The drought is driving many small landholders to leave their homes in the hopes of providing for their families. They see themselves as having no other choice. more


The underlying cause of the violence they are escaping is a trail of blood and culpability that can be traced right back to the United States. more



Jeff Abbott

The U.S. government for decades intervened in Guatemala to throttle indigenous efforts toward land reform—including training the country’s military in making people “disappear.” People there continue to reckon with the loss. more


He sits down with The Progressive: “Any trade war, no matter how small, can easily escalate, with grave consequences.” more


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Jeff Abbott

“When the time came. . . there was nothing. There were no calls to warn us.” more



Elena Hermosa/Wikimedia

The former Guatemalan dictator leaves behind a legacy as “a genocidaire against indigenous people.” more

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Michael Gaida (Pixabay)

Trump has now revoked temporary protected status for immigrants from four countries, the latest being El Salvador. Union VP Jaime Contreras, explains what the protected status has meant for people and what is being done to fix the immigration system. more


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Jeff Abbott

Elite police forces refuse to crack down on popular uprisings after the country's questionable presidential election. more


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Andres Thomas Conteris

Hondurans are protesting the outcome of an intense presidential race that gave the election to the rightwing incumbent, contrary to initial results. The country is in a full-scale crisis—highways blocked, fires started, and one death. more

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Ben Feibleman

The priests, and a housekeeper and her daughter, were slaughtered by a special unit of the Salvadoran military trained by the United States of America. more




It may be the first time anywhere that a head of state is being tried for genocide and crimes against humanity by a domestic court and not an international tribunal. more



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Monseñor Romero ~ ¡Presente! Óscar Romero on his centenary, soon to be named the first Central American-born Saint. more



Shannon Young

There’s no shortage of issues that require investigative attention, and a core group of Mexican journalists are doing remarkable work under duress and in dangerous conditions. Their work is both an example and a lesson. And they need our support. more


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Dawn Starin

Anytime festivals call for piñatas, Donald Trump has become the go-to figure throughout the western hemisphere for thumping, bashing, walloping, and burning. more




For-profit immigrant detention centers, failing to meet daycare center standards, released 500 asylum seekers at bus stations around the city. Here's how the community responded. more


Remembered as a hero who gave his life to help the everyday people of Nicaragua rebuild. more



Daniel Cima

The Honduran activist, whose murder may have been planned at the highest levels of government involving elite U.S.-trained military officers, continues to inspire people to defend their rights even in the face of continuing death threats. more


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Joe Anderson

Getting closer to this “truth” is part of an ongoing struggle in Spain, and throughout the world, to come to some reconciliation with a brutal past. more


Salvadoran Americans have become stereotypically associated with gangs. Continuing media coverage of the issue, most recently of a massive law-enforcement crackdown on Nov. 15 targeting a Salvadoran-American gang in Los Angeles, has helpe... more

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