“If you’re a local retailer or small manufacturer or artist or writer or publisher, you’re watching as your city and state hands your tax dollars to your most ferocious antagonist.” Read more


There is a battle brewing among countries seeking influence in Central America, and China is leading the way. Its goals include gaining political influence, and severing the region’s diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Read more



Matt Stoller

Americans are still grappling with losing their homes, often due to medical debt and sudden job loss. Read more

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Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. Read more


Political pundits say progressives are alienating working class whites by talking too much about race. They're wrong. Read more


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If Trump really wants to earn farmers’ trust, then his administration needs to seriously work on legislation that ensures them a fair price that covers their cost of production. Read more



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In New York City and across U.S. urban hubs, the gig economy threatens the livelihoods—and lives—of a once-stable class of American workers. Read more

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Our city’s bid absolves Dinosaurland of all legal responsibility should any park visitors be eaten by a dinosaur or suffer any other misfortune. Read more


Wall Street and the corporate stock and bond market are a Robin Hood in reverse. Read more



Ernesto Aguilar

Many people are aware of the challenges of urban gentrification, but smaller cities and rural places also suffer from housing shortages and high rents. Community radio stations are playing an important role in addressing the problem. Read more


A revised version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been signed by eleven countries. The U.S. wasn't one of them—but it could be. Read more

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Don’t get distracted—there’s an elephant in the room, and offshoring is its name. Read more

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Jeff Turner

The Great Recession may be over, but abusive mortgage servicers are still at work, and they're transforming neighborhoods into rental markets. Read more


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Virginia Eubanks’ new book “Automating Inequality” looks at how automated eligibility systems “profile, police, and punish” the poor. Read more

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Nathan Dugan

In January, drowning in student debt, I moved out of my apartment and into a cargo van. Read more


Of 21 countries ,the U.S. ranks 17th in terms of pay equity. Global organizations aim to remedy the problem; the Trump Administration is moving to make it worse. Read more

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Courtesy Amy Zachmeyer

Amy Zachmeyer of Houston Democratic Socialists of America on rebuilding, mutual aid, climate change and more. Read more