Charter Schools Flood New Orleans



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I find it far easier to

I find it far easier to believe that the "educational corporations" are greedy rather than teachers. How many teachers do you know who drive a Mercedes or a lexus and run startups? After being a parent with children in a public school system for 15 yes I can attest that I never met a teacher I would describe as greedy.

dallas in florida more than 1 year ago

Greedy union teachers, and a

Greedy union teachers, and a selfish regressive curriculum designed to produce democrat voters, not to educate, have failed minority students for decades. It's good to see these kids now have an opportunity to learn.

Affirmative action in hiring of administrators and teachers is needed. They are almost all liberals regressives. Our children deserve to be exposed to conservative views, and respected enough to make up their own mind.

Baxterfaster more than 2 years ago

In 2007 & 2008, a non-profit,

In 2007 & 2008, a non-profit, educational corporation that I work for, contributed over $200,000 worth of science supplies to six New Orleans high schools that were part of the Recovery School District to help them recover from Katrina. One was John Mcdonogh H.S. Not a single Principal from those six high school acknowledged that assistance with a "thank you" to us.

John Varine more than 2 years ago

Our education system is in a

Our education system is in a very sad state right now. Due process and unions are no more, and accountability of political figures, lawyers, judges, etc has been thrown out of the window. Poor people and even middle class people, especially those of color, don't have a chance in hell. The countries leaders are on a mission to stay on top by creating money making businesses out any and every thing they can which includes education. This is their way of making sure that financial gap does not close. Many are ignorant to what is happening in the world today and don't even realize that it's working against them too. What's really sad is that the union laws that are suppose to protect us from having this happen to us is being overlooked or trampled upon. We're left almost helpless, and that's a scary situation.

S. Brown more than 2 years ago

Governor Cuomo and president

Governor Cuomo and president Obama both support charter schools as do a large fraction of Americans now. If progressives and the political left don't start moving with the times, the times will move without em. THAT MEANS YOU GUYS!!!

Francisco velasco more than 2 years ago

Neoliberal Democrats are

Neoliberal Democrats are implementing free-market policies birthed in the GOP by economist Milton Friedman, who called for the privatization of public education since the 50s. Republicans could only dream of doing that until Clinton turned the Democratic party hard right, in order to win the Southern vote. The plan to close neighborhood schools and replace them with charters, so that parents have no choice BUT to send their kids to charter schools, is evident across the country, from NOLA to Chicago. When schools run by private corporations off public tax dollars are the ONLY choice for families, in no way does that mean "a large fraction of Americans" support them. It means a large number of Americans have absolutely no democratic representation and are completely ignored when they voice opposition, because corporations rule in this bipartisan promoted plutocracy.

Concerned Citizen more than 2 years ago

Your recommendation for

Your recommendation for progressives is to follow the herd and be like everyone else, regardless of the realities on the ground?

Why stand for anything at all?

jason f france more than 2 years ago

Education for profit is the

Education for profit is the latest bid by corporate America to rip off tax dollars. This is so egregious because these kids in New Orleans were the most vulnerable. The war against unions and especially Teacher unions, has reached a crescendo fueled by misinformation, lies and bad intentions. Judge the new schools by the same stick used to take over public schools. Where is the justice? Oh, yeah, it is in the pockets of the lawyers who ruin America for a few shekels. Assholes.

kevin stellman more than 2 years ago

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