To say that a durag sets up a black man for failure is ignorant, at best. more

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It is important that students learn of a world prior to European’s attempt to rule over it. more

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A number of New York’s ultra Orthodox Jewish schools, accused of academic neglect, are a shocking example of what happens when ‘school choice’ is prioritized over all else. more

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David Shankbone

The words “choice” and “accredited” sound reassuring, but they actually provide no guarantee at all. more

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Deseret News

Au discusses his new book, 'A Marxist Education.” more



Governor Tom Wolf

In a recently de-gerrymandered state, Democrats standing up for public education hit on a winning strategy. more

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In Wisconsin, a movement pushes back against attacks on public schools. more


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Rick Christofferson

Just how far can the politics of resentment go in dismantling public education? more

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Governor Mark Dayton

Amidst a wave of teacher strikes and union-government showdowns, Minnesota’s progressive leader tries a different tack. more

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Mercedes Martinez, President of the Teachers Federation, describes how thousands of people protested austerity measures that would close nearly 300 schools and lay off 7,000 teachers—and how the police were ready for them. more

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Bram Pitoyo

In Michigan, as elsewhere, a dramatic teacher shortage was entirely preventable. Now, special interests hope to profit from “fixing” it. more

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Youtube David Bell

Arizona teachers voted for a strike this coming Thursday. We talk with Noah Karvelis of Arizona Educators United. more




Washington State has been saying no to charter schools for over a decade. But advocates continue to push the issue, sometimes in devious ways. more

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Max Goldberg

Activists say schools can do more to promote racial equality. more


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USAF / Saphfire Cook

The state has become an experimental playground for an untethered, unregulated form of education privatization, and teachers and students are on the short end of the deal. more

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Wesley Fryer

Teachers are challenging a decades-long nationwide conservative campaign to shrink government. more

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Pete Souza (white house archives)

Obama-era policies forced schools to deal with racism in their disciplinary practices. Now the Team Trump wants to scrap those measures. more

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Whether the focus is gun violence or racist public policies, people are collectively recognizing how we currently put the lives of our children at risk—some children more than others. more

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U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Puerto Rican teachers are struggling to get their schools up and running after the hurricane, but they are in danger of being privatized too. more



Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

The candidate for New York governor and former Sex and the City actor is a longtime public education advocate, and isn’t afraid to point out Cuomo’s pattern of underfunding schools. more

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