It’s Black Lives Matter at School Week, but black children in continue to suffer because America isn’t ready to confront its anti-blackness. Read more


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Daniel Olsen

More than 80 percent of teachers have cast a ballot — the highest turnout in the union’s history — and 95 percent have voted to authorize a strike. Read more

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“It’s really hard to overstate the incredible feeling of empowerment, solidarity, and joy that you saw in school site picket lines and at the massive rallies that we held every single day.” Read more

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Your essay won’t be read by any human eyes, but by a bot that will assess all four million high school seniors’ essays far faster than it will take you to comprehend the enormity of this new world order where machines, like me, have taken over. Read more

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“And then it happened. He very innocently hugged her.” Read more


Despite negative press, parents say they support a strike by United Teachers Los Angeles. Read more

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Gage Skidmore

Teachers unions are poised to strike across the country. Read more

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Paul Chan Htoo Sang

Student unionization efforts are underway at twenty-four U.S. universities—while the first independent undergraduate union in the country fights for survival. Read more

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In mid-November, a photo showing Baraboo High School boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute drew national attention. On November 19, I gave a talk at the school. Read more

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On education issues, newly-elected progressive Democrats are setting a new tone. Read more

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Racism in the classroom leaves white students racially illiterate. Read more

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Demoralized teachers, overtested students, and lack of improvement from draconian policies are changing public opinion on education. Read more


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Richard Hurd

Under the Republican governor, public education in Wisconsin is hemorrhaging. Read more

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Oklahoma educators have had enough of outsiders imposing their untested opinions on classrooms. Read more

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“At a time when we’re at a low-point for our democracy, it’s the only tool for people without power to make some kind of impact,” says Susan Zeig, filmmaker. Read more

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Charlie Kaijo

Given the state's history with “school choice,” California’s new legislation comes as a surprise. And it’s met with skepticism. Read more

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Betsy DeVos has proposed to make federal funding available for schools to purchase weapons. But the proliferation of guns will not curb violence in schools. Read more




To prepare for what we are likely to face in our struggle for a just contract, Seattle educators recently organized a panel that included a representative from the Puerto Rico Federation of Teachers. Read more

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