Rank-and-file Silicon Valley tech workers are using their leverage to push companies toward more ethical business models, or at least away from destroying the environment and undermining human rights. Read more

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Brocken InaGlory

The campaign by local governments to break up and take over the utility could mark a turning point in the history of American energy. Read more

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william the conquerer

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In 2018, fifty publicly traded U.S. corporations paid their CEOs more than 1,000 times what they paid their median workers. Read more


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Mike Mozart

The move shifts power away from profit-motivated board members of corporate banks and into the hands of the people. Read more



White Pine Pictures

“In the last forty years the corporations have taken total control of one party and half or more of the other.” Read more


Dollar general

Pamela Brick /

“Their whole strategy is to go to a neighborhood that has a lot of poor people who don’t have access to transportation and can only walk to and from the dollar store.” Read more

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Tony Alter

Why are we seeing all the hand-wringing about “losing” private insurance when so many people’s experiences with it are so negative? Read more

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As the anti-immigrant drumbeat continues, private prison companies are making billions. Yay capitalism! Read more




“We think we’re searching Google. Google is actually searching us.” Read more

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Hate Free Zone Queens Arts and Culture Committee

The diverse groups that drove the resistance movement to the retail giant signal a shifting politics nationwide. Read more

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Negin Farsad

Bret Hartman

Service-sector employees are often scheduled on a week-to-week basis. That’s not sustainable for them, or for the companies paying them. Read more


No need to worry about those journalism things! Read more


As it continues to sell cigarettes, the pharmacy chain is rolling out a new cosmetics program for cancer patients. Read more


“We wear the Disney uniforms and Disney name tags, and we don’t get the same pay.” Read more



Backbone Campaign

San Antonio did! Read more




U.S. interests promise oil will bring riches to the people of Guyana. But export commodities have rarely benefited the country’s majority. Read more


Trump promises to increase soy exports to China—but if the deal goes through, only corporate interests will benefit. Read more


Are we witnessing a fundamental change in how the public views corporate incentive packages, and the craven submissiveness of elected officials who hand them out? Read more



The Taiwan-based giant is downsizing from promises of up to 13,000 new jobs, with 75 percent blue-collar production workers, to now admitting that production workers will compose only 10 percent of a much smaller “technology hub.” Read more