“It’s really hard to overstate the incredible feeling of empowerment, solidarity, and joy that you saw in school site picket lines and at the massive rallies that we held every single day.” Read more

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Ted Eytan

With a spotlight on the U.S. city with the highest concentration of charters, lawmakers have leverage to take on the famously pro-privatization Secretary of Education. Read more

Public School Shakedown


Gage Skidmore

Teachers unions are poised to strike across the country. Read more

Public School Shakedown


Paul Chan Htoo Sang

Student unionization efforts are underway at twenty-four U.S. universities—while the first independent undergraduate union in the country fights for survival. Read more

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DeVos’s antagonism toward unions shows not only her disrespect for teachers but also how her animosity toward organized teachers warps her understanding of issues. Read more

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Anthony Fine

Verizon is among the most brazenly anti-union companies in the wireless industry. Read more

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With strong membership this year, unions promise improved wages and working conditions. Read more


Legal restrictions on when and how workers can strike can bar them from influencing any real change in the workplace. That’s where “wildcat strikes” come in. Read more


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Chris Landsberger

Oklahoma teachers face the litmus test of whether to reinvigorate—or reinvent—their union. Read more

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Announcement of a Foxconn Factory to be built in Wisconsin

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From our upcoming issue of the magazine: How Trump's victory heralded the final stage of a national unraveling. Read more


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Union supporters say Janus is a big blow, but for many educators like me, it will be nothing new. The question is, what are the practical effects? Read more

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The White House

Economic chaos is not going to bring back jobs. Read more


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Youtube David Bell

Arizona teachers voted for a strike this coming Thursday. We talk with Noah Karvelis of Arizona Educators United. Read more


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Darin McClure

Activist, organizer, and author Jane McAlevey brings her breadth of experience to the question of the future of labor in Trump’s America. Read more




As a past union president, I know there’s nothing teachers would rather do less than strike. Getting a majority of them to do so is really, really hard. Read more

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If the legal theories advanced by Janus’s attorneys seem like a smokescreen to obscure a political attack on unions, that’s because they are. Read more


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Sarah Lahm

In 1946, St. Paul’s teachers union was the first in U.S. history to go on strike. More than 70 years later, they face similar problems—and are preparing to walk out once more. Read more

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Flickr (Kheel Center)

Reviewed: “A Great Vision: A militant family’s journey through the 20th century,” by Richard March. Read more


Union pins might be tiny, but they could be part of a larger effort to reinvigorate unions and push back against right-wing efforts to gut them. Read more

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