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Hugh Venables

Fruit company Fyffes pushes back against union trying to represent seasonal workers. Read more

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Annette Bernhardt

A new study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests a relatively simple way to reduce the number of people who take their own lives: raise the minimum wage. Read more


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Carolyn Coe

One group believes youth who are taught a trade are more likely to stay in school. Read more




The Wisconsin nurses offer a rebuke to union busting legislation in the state, and an answer to corporate policies that staff say make working conditions dangerous. Read more


A new study finds that about half of employers nationwide use noncompete agreements, affecting about 36 to 60 million workers. Read more

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After two-and-a-half years of community-labor organizing, the City Council adopted the broadest “fair workweek” ordinance in the country. Read more



SEIU 925

The NLRB unions argue that a recent set of executive orders from the board prevent them from undertaking basic union functions. Read more


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Oregon DOT

The resolution left out one group that desperately needs a place in this new economy: people with criminal records. Read more


On November 30, 1999, thousands of activists flooded downtown Seattle, protesting the global economic order and forging a new understanding of the world, a vision very much in play today. Read more


There are only two sides, the owners and the rest of us. Read more



Fibonacci Blue

Aggressive immigration law enforcement obstructs the protection of all workers, documented and undocumented alike. In November, Democratic lawmakers reintroduced legislation meant to protect them. Read more

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Agricultural work


The Trump Administration’s far-right vision for immigration involves a domestic work program for people facing the threat of deportation and the expansion of an exploitative “guest worker” arrangement. Read more

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Increasing numbers of people in mission- and passion-driven fields are waking up to the fact that they are, despite the trappings of middle-class-ness, still workers doing a job. Read more


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Gage Skidmore

The notoriously conservative, right-to-work state has proven to be fertile ground for market-based education reform policies—and teacher discontent. Read more

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Rank-and-file Silicon Valley tech workers are using their leverage to push companies toward more ethical business models, or at least away from destroying the environment and undermining human rights. Read more

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Brexit presents a serious conundrum for left and progressive forces. Liberals and social democrats suddenly find themselves in bed with Britain’s largest capitalist corporations. Read more



Joeff Davis

It’s easy to glamorize the seeming spontaneity of a “strike wave” and miss the long processes of union organizing. Read more



Kids' Work Chicago Daycare

The move in other states has resulted in more care workers with licenses, helping ensure more consistent, regulated care for the kids and their families who need it most. Read more


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UAW International Union / Facebook

The picketing GM workers and impending Chicago Teachers Union action suggest a dramatic revival of striking as a tactic. Read more



Pete Ryan

Prodded by Team Trump, states are requiring people to work for their Medicaid. Read more

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