The second-largest teachers union in America is building on labors momentum with a new nationwide campaign. Read more

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Will a new quintet of bills be sufficient to appropriately regulate California’s charters? Read more

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“A tremendous thank you to our beautiful city from the teachers of Oakland. Let’s do this again tomorrow!” Read more

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John De La Rosa/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Teachers in the school district that was supposed to be the model for education reform just rebelled—and won. Read more

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Karen Vittetoe

Over the last half century, Denver teachers have struck three times for better working conditions and provisions for students. So why did we have to fight the same fight in 2019? Read more

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Rachel Levy

The movement has kicked off thanks to the efforts of an big-tent organization that has embraced all types of teachers, education professionals, and community members. Read more

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Daniel Olsen

More than 80 percent of teachers have cast a ballot — the highest turnout in the union’s history — and 95 percent have voted to authorize a strike. Read more

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Gabriel Barathieu

According to one poll, 93 percent of Americans agree that mothers should receive some paid leave. So why is the U.S. one of the only industrialized nations without institutional support for mothers? Read more


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Unite Here Local 11

In California, hotel employees have successfully organized for laws providing them with safer working conditions. It wasn't easy. Read more



The Taiwan-based giant is downsizing from promises of up to 13,000 new jobs, with 75 percent blue-collar production workers, to now admitting that production workers will compose only 10 percent of a much smaller “technology hub.” Read more


Despite negative press, parents say they support a strike by United Teachers Los Angeles. Read more

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How voters outside the halls of power are circumventing their local political establishments and pushing through new legislation that will directly improve their lives. Read more




What do the Michigan and Wisconsin power grab bills mean for the future? Read more


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Heather Gies

“There’s a significant number of job offers. It won’t be a hassle for them to find a job.” Read more

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Gage Skidmore

Teachers unions are poised to strike across the country. Read more

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DeVos’s antagonism toward unions shows not only her disrespect for teachers but also how her animosity toward organized teachers warps her understanding of issues. Read more

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Rather than encouraging collective bargaining and protecting workers’ freedom of association, the new leadership is making radical changes to Board policies, paving the way for corporate interests to dismantle unions. Read more


Oklahoma educators have had enough of outsiders imposing their untested opinions on classrooms. Read more

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Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. Read more


Given its many weaknesses the USMCA can be expected to generate a bruising battle in the U.S. Congress, not to mention Mexico and Canada. Read more