Walker-as-Reagan More Anti-Union Than Actual Reagan



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Reagan was a union activist.

Reagan was a union activist. In fact Ronald Reagan was twice a union president: He headed SAG, the Screen Actors Guild (now SAG-AFTRA) for a total of more than 5 years. When he was running for president I asked him how he reconciled his union activism with his resistance to organized labor. He threw me an annoyed look and replied simply: "We never joined the AFL-CIO."

Scott Shuster more than 2 years ago

Reagan wiggled left and right

Reagan wiggled left and right like Clinton and Obama have done on labor issues. Clearly Republican Presidential hopefuls love to identify with Reagan. Labor vs Business and worker rights seems to reflect the Corporate control over both Political parties. Big Corporations tend to favor sending jobs to Countries with low wages and few worker rights by law or Union contracts and building plants in right to work States. Wisconsin will soon be the 25th right to work state joining Michigan and Indiana that became "right to work" States in 2012. Rasmussen Reports found that 74% of U.S. voters support right-to-work laws. The public swings back and forth on need for Unions and I expect the trend to reverse due to employer overreach or the economy. I got a kick out of the super hero kicks metaphor.

Bill Lounsbury more than 2 years ago

This is fricking hilarious!

This is fricking hilarious!

Jenny more than 2 years ago

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