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Jud Lounsbury is a political writer based in Madison, Wisconsin and a frequent contributor to The Progressive. He also blogs at and you can find him on Twitter @judlounsbury. 

The governor of the Cheeseheads called a deal “good news,” even though we are worse off with our number one cheese export trading partner. more


Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. more


The Republican Governors Association, under Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s leadership, has run a number of hypocritical attack ads on the Georgian gubernatorial candidate. more


A new tragedy is being used by Trump and others to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment. more



Noah Flora

This morning, while checking my beef cows for heat, I thought about “cow tipping”— a myth as prevalent as the Iowa Farmer Trump supporter. more


Ah yes, heading back to the good ol’ days when the Bill of Rights somehow co-existed with Jim Crow and women not being able to vote or hold office. more


The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. more



Original: Gage Skidmore

Just how accurate are Trump’s claims about jobs and income? more


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Howard Chandler Christy/The Indian Reporter

The framers of the U.S. Constitution gave Presidents broad, unilateral power to “grant reprieves and pardons.” But the decision to do so was not without controversy. more



Gage Skidmore/Geralt/Mrill Ingram

The National Security Advisor made sure talks with North Korea fell apart before they even happened. more


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Erin Nekervis

How do we know that Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner struck a nerve? more

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The fixer always fixes things for himself, first. Might that spell trouble for Donald Trump? more


Sinclair Broadcasting is not only the biggest owner of local television stations in the country, they are also the fastest growing. Thanks to Trump, they are about to get a whole lot bigger. more

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Cindy Shebley

In a crazed speech Monday, Trump painted a picture of the opioid crisis that lays most of the blame on undocumented Mexican immigrants. Wrong. more

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The idea of President Trump’s former mistress going on ‘60 Minutes’ to dish about a consensual affair they had back in 2006 doesn’t make a lot of sense. more

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Mark Dixon, DC Climate March

Mr. Subtle has uncovered a conspiracy so vast as to boggle the mind. more


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In the upside-down Trumpverse, nothing is as it seems. It's like being stuck in Monty Python's never ending "Argument Clinic." more


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Constantino Brumidi

If like most Americans, you thought the founders unanimously adopted the Latin ‘E Pluribus Unum,’ or ‘From Many, One,’ as our motto back in 1782, listen up. There's a new sheriff in town. more

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Much of the book’s key allegations, or at least the spirit of them, have been corroborated by none other Donald Trump himself. more

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