Jud Lounsbury


Jud Lounsbury is a political writer based in Madison, Wisconsin and a frequent contributor to The Progressive. He also blogs at and you can find him on Twitter @judlounsbury. 

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KCAU video

Thankfully, this Iowan Congressman isn’t into creative anachronism. Read more


In a show of progressive promise versus the status quo, it was Warren/Sanders versus the Four Horsemen of the Pale, Stale, and Male. Read more

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12 Angry Men


Trump has dived deep into the septic tank before. But, folks, this is truly a new low. Read more

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If rape isn’t a “high crime and misdemeanor,” what is? Read more

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Ryan Schmitz

All the blood lost has been for a “marginally” different trade deal that probably won’t get passed anyway. Read more


As we learned from Al Capone, just because the government is unable to charge you with being a mobster, doesn’t mean you’re not a mobster. Read more


Behind the stats about incarceration rates, lies a basic structure of law that accommodates white people. What better place to host the 2020 Dem convention? Read more

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Lorie Shaull

If you haven’t listened to Ilhan Omar’s full speech, here’s what you need to know. Read more

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Hiding behind the goal of a “balanced budget,” is a movement about using constitutional change to destroy the power of the federal government. Read more

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Declaring a national emergency is just the latest move by the “maximalist” President. Here we share a comparison of the Trump and Obama presidencies . . . by Donald J. Trump. Read more

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In 2012, Kleefisch claimed that the “war on women” was fake, and a distraction from the “real war.” Read more

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Fibonacci Blue

Trump’s political survival in the short term and in 2020 is dependent in keeping his base foaming at the mouth. Read more



That Hartford Guy

Before year’s end, these slightly less outrageous but still really terrible things by Trump should get the attention they deserve. Read more


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Zina Saunders

Republicans are using their gerrymandered control of the state to push through a slew of power-grabbing bills before the newly elected Democratic governor and attorney general can take office. Read more


The governor of the Cheeseheads called a deal “good news,” even though we are worse off with our number one cheese export trading partner. Read more


Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. Read more


The Republican Governors Association, under Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s leadership, has run a number of hypocritical attack ads on the Georgian gubernatorial candidate. Read more


A new tragedy is being used by Trump and others to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment. Read more