Scott Pruitt vs. the Entire Scientific Community



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Appeal to Consensus and False Science

I would like to point out that, at one point in time, the overwhelming consensus of scientists was that bacteria and germs did not exist. Another overwhelming consensus of scientists also believed that maggots and other creatures spontaneously appeared in rotten food at one point in human history. However, it was not until a single scientist or two discovered differently that these views were destroyed. My point is that, just because a group of people believes something, it does not make what they believe to be true. Now, the actual science on climate change has been shaky at best. The actual studies (glacier sizes, global temperature, ecosystems) have all yielded radically different conclusions based on their readings. The remaining studies are not really that unbiased are are, quite honestly, witch hunts against climate change deniers. I say we should have unbiased studies that examine ALL of the data to determine whether global warming is myth or reality.

John 38 days ago

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