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David Helvarg

Voting blue this fall might literally mean casting a vote for the ocean. more


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ОАО "Ураласбест"

Donald Trump has been rolling back protections against exposure to asbestos, which kills an estimated 15,000 people each year in the United States alone. more


I drink martinis through a straw—which isn’t easy. more


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Florian Schulz /

The coastal plain, opened for oil drilling by the Trump Administration, is the birthplace and nursery for the Porcupine caribou herd, and land that the Gwich’in call, “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins.” more


Trump and Congressional Republicans want to make it easier to do business and make money—who cares about extinction? more

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The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. more




Trump is redefining America’s relationship to our public oceans, and he’s doing it at a time of chaotic marine and climatic change. more


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Kenneth King

West Virginians have rescued a landmark in American labor history from an assault by powerful coal mining companies. more



David Helvarg

We want to shift the burden of single-use plastics from the consumer to the perpetrators of a throwaway culture. #The Ocean is Rising #And So Are We. more


Twelve years ago, my life was irrevocably altered by an environmental toxin. Now, the EPA director is refusing to regulate it. more

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Comrade King

There would be fewer auto deaths if more people used other forms of transportation. But, ironically, one reason that doesn’t happen is because people are afraid to ride their bikes around cars. more



Rowan Lynam

Sitting over a thousand feet below the surface of the desert, the Navajo aquifer supports the drinking water needs of most of the 7,000 Hopi who live on reservation. But the aquifer is harboring an invisible toxin. more

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Frackfree Mahoning

Pre-election maneuvering—requiring that ballot initiatives jump through hoops and meet certain standards—is undermining local residents' democratic rights. more


Many residents in West Virginia are about to receive $525 because their water supply has been poisoned. How could this be a bad thing? more


This is what April 22 is all about. Treasures from our archives including Denis Hayes, Barry Commoner, Ralph Nader, and Gaylord Nelson. more



Chris Line

Lead, DDT, untreated sewage, and burning rivers are just a few of many problems successfully tackled by the EPA and scientific analysis. Need we say more? more


Mega-fuel, mega-fun, mega-America. Scott Pruitt’s idea of fun. more


In God he trusts, but not necessarily science. And he's making decisions about your health and safety. more


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Safe drinking water sources in local communities across the country are threatened by EPA head Scott Pruitt’s move to deregulate coal ash storage. Power plants produced nearly 130 million tons of the toxic waste in 2014. more

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The Department of Energy's 2019 budget request is upsetting, but it contains one good idea: reign in spending on fusion energy research. more

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