In the current context of environmental deregulation this bill is a rare piece of good news on the conservation front. Read more


Trump’s pick to lead the Department of the Interior has been through the revolving door between government and lobbying so much it’ll make your head spin. Read more


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Curt Smith

The “old-school green deal” was years in the making, and helps pave the way for new-school green new deal success. Read more

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Appalachians Against Pipelines

After more than 100 days up in the air, a small group of Virginia tree sitters are all that remains between natural gas developers and the completion of a 300-mile-long pipeline. Read more


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Nelson Minar

In a proposed amendment to the Clean Water Act, Trump’s EPA threatens to leave over a third of Americans’ drinking water unprotected. Read more


Despite national schizophrenia on the issue, a growing number of Americans are on board with accepting human-caused climate change—and doing something about it. Read more




Why is the Environmental Protection Agency refusing to study PFAS? The toxic chemicals are found in drinking water around the country. Read more


The first tree huggers were incredibly brave. Read more

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California fires


In today’s America, random mass murder has merged with ecological devastation. Read more

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As another “unprecedented” storm visits the U.S., flooding threatens some 41 million Americans vulnerable to serious inundation and the toxicity that comes with it. And our traditional approaches to flood risks aren’t keeping us above water. Read more


Given its many weaknesses the USMCA can be expected to generate a bruising battle in the U.S. Congress, not to mention Mexico and Canada. Read more


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U.S. Air Force/Zachary Wolf

Given the new normal, it is time to rethink our approach to floods. The right infrastructure can prevent flooding, rather than treat it after the fact. Read more


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David Helvarg

Voting blue this fall might literally mean casting a vote for the ocean. Read more


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ОАО "Ураласбест"

Donald Trump has been rolling back protections against exposure to asbestos, which kills an estimated 15,000 people each year in the United States alone. Read more


I drink martinis through a straw—which isn’t easy. Read more


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Florian Schulz /

The coastal plain, opened for oil drilling by the Trump Administration, is the birthplace and nursery for the Porcupine caribou herd, and land that the Gwich’in call, “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins.” Read more


Trump and Congressional Republicans want to make it easier to do business and make money—who cares about extinction? Read more

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The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. Read more




Trump is redefining America’s relationship to our public oceans, and he’s doing it at a time of chaotic marine and climatic change. Read more


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Kenneth King

West Virginians have rescued a landmark in American labor history from an assault by powerful coal mining companies. Read more