Scott Pruitt

The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. Read more


Twelve years ago, my life was irrevocably altered by an environmental toxin. Now, the EPA director is refusing to regulate it. Read more

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Chris Line

Lead, DDT, untreated sewage, and burning rivers are just a few of many problems successfully tackled by the EPA and scientific analysis. Need we say more? Read more


Mega-fuel, mega-fun, mega-America. Scott Pruitt’s idea of fun. Read more


In God he trusts, but not necessarily science. And he's making decisions about your health and safety. Read more


Global Climate Change

Victor Korniyenko

If there’s any silver lining in the dust clouds following this wrecking ball, it’s that there’s still people in government determined to defend climate change research. Read more

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Those rich scientists are making a real nice living telling you their peer-reviewed lies, and spreading fear, bicycles, and over-priced water bottles. Read more

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The environmental agency head’s handling of hurricanes reveals his low expectations for the problem-solving abilities of the American people. Read more



Victoria Pickering

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency turns his back on scientific consensus and opens his arms to budget cuts. Environmental justice and Great Lakes restoration will be hit hardest. Read more

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