Climate Change

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Rosa Menkman

Once again, the author and activist has positioned himself on the cutting edge of history, issuing a dire warning. Read more


climate change


There are fresh signs that the Trump Administration intends to actively interfere in research by federal scientists. Read more


“If you're afraid of mass extinctions, buck up patriots!” Read more


If necessity is the mother of invention, catastrophe is the pathway for fundamental change. Read more


It’s not only a pipeline, it’s the future of the planet. Read more


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Christian Kortum

I battled climate change via a bank shot, never directly, in part because of existential despair. After attending a meeting, I realized my mistake. Read more


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Dawn Starin

“Many people may not agree with our methods and dislike the travel chaos but this is the single most important issue facing humankind at the moment. And we are doing this for everyone, even for the people who disagree with us.” Read more



Sara Keller

If we really want to make a difference this Earth Day, we have to confront the problem of climate change at its source. Read more

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While politicians and activists debate the idea of a federal plan to fight climate change and boost our economy, the Golden State is quietly showing how it could actually work. Read more


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Oregon DOT

The transition to renewable energy envisioned in the Green New Deal holds the potential for a radical decentralization of power, not the top-down control Mitch McConnell claims. Read more

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There is no man intriguing enough, no snack delicious enough, and no anecdote disarming enough to divert me from this topic. Read more



Lorie Shaull

Climate, indigenous rights, and water security are all at stake in the ongoing fight against Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline. Read more

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U.S. Air Force photo by Rebecca Amber

Manufacturing is critical to producing wealth, not merely a bygone stage in the evolution of human society. Read more

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“Pessimism of the spirit and optimism of the will” are about saving enough to rebuild, even if we may not see the results in our own lifetimes. Read more


Global Climate Change

Victor Korniyenko

The issue of climate change was barely even mentioned during the last presidential race. Hopefully, Inslee’s presence as a candidate will keep that from happening again. Read more


Despite national schizophrenia on the issue, a growing number of Americans are on board with accepting human-caused climate change—and doing something about it. Read more


San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has pushed for a transformation of Puerto Rico that returns autonomy to the island's people, a key strategy for responding to climate change. Read more



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“If we are bold, if we have the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry, if we are prepared to invest in sustainable energy, we can make the necessary changes to save the planet. And that’s exactly what we have to do.” Read more


The first tree huggers were incredibly brave. Read more

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