Mrill Ingram


Mrill Ingram runs the website for The Progressive. She has written on environmental topics including public lands, the development of USDA organic standards, ecological restoration, and urban environmental art. She has a Ph.D. in geography from the University of Arizona, and is coauthor of The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks. She's sometimes on Twitter @MrillDill. Her website is here

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Independent Lens

In “Decade of Fire,”a South Bronx native puts an end to the narrative that blames the victims of ten years of urban conflagrations. Read more


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New books offer tools for busting up the patriarchy. Read more


“I would hope that I could announce my candidacy in a clown outfit.” A poke-you-in-the-eye political commentator has died, at the age of forty. Read more

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Ostroff Law

The extraction of shale oil and natural gas, especially for export to other countries, is not worth the toll it’s taking on communities and the climate, according to a new report. Read more


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Curt Smith

The “old-school green deal” was years in the making, and helps pave the way for new-school green new deal success. Read more

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Despite national schizophrenia on the issue, a growing number of Americans are on board with accepting human-caused climate change—and doing something about it. Read more


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Kristin Thiekling

What will it take to create a public for the ocean? Read more



Jeremy Buckingham

The Democratic midterm take-over of the House means a renewed chance for policies that don’t take food assistance away from children or drive more birds toward extinction. Read more



Tony Webster

A new book tackles a Grand Canyon-sized debate. Read more


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Rick Christofferson

Just how far can the politics of resentment go in dismantling public education? Read more

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AMU Productions

In the face of anti-immigrant rhetoric, Fargoans show their true colors. Read more

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The growing list of words discouraged by the Trump Administration reflects its anti-science agenda. Read more



Kendra Solaris

Viewed from a distance, the border might seem like a hard edge, the outer limit of a nation. But many who live here call both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border home. Read more


Global Climate Change

Victor Korniyenko

If there’s any silver lining in the dust clouds following this wrecking ball, it’s that there’s still people in government determined to defend climate change research. Read more

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The environmental agency head’s handling of hurricanes reveals his low expectations for the problem-solving abilities of the American people. Read more




The specter of uranium mining exposes the true nature of the Trump Administration’s extractive agenda for public lands. Read more

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Gage Skidmore

Might the Arizona ex-sheriff’s criminal trial be a hopeful sign for immigrant rights? Read more



Woody Osborne

For me, wilderness is a promise, a commitment that we want the choice to engage more of our senses; that we can be nurturing of other species; that we can create places where profit doesn’t rule. Read more



Victoria Pickering

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency turns his back on scientific consensus and opens his arms to budget cuts. Environmental justice and Great Lakes restoration will be hit hardest. Read more

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© Rick Reinhard

As the Army Corp green lights the project, tribal leaders ask water protectors to rise up at home. Read more