A Working-Class Filmmaker Is Something to Be: An Interview with Michael Moore



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The Wildlife Corridor idea

The Wildlife Corridor idea was stolen from Vietnamese Buddhists in 1969 in the spirit of Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next?".

David R Gill 309 days ago

People are much more

People are much more interested in people than animals, but if people would care for the homes of animals, their families, food and water quality, then they would care more for people. Even young kids understand the right of respect. The 'How to Do It" is visible in the way God created wilderness with the highest number of species possible in the ecological systems in wilderness. Wildlife Corridor sanctuaries between fragmented islands of parks, refuges, forests, and preserves made along the shorelands of lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans would help immensely to allow animals to migrate and would supply permanent land as a repository of local plant seeds and wildlife offspring to rejuvenate adjacent land in need of its rightful local ecosystem species.

David R Gill 309 days ago

Where To Invade Next?

Where To Invade Next?
Michael Moore's newest pic, "Where to Invade Next" (currently showing locally) sums up many positive gifts that the Americn experience has given the world and how the world has taken to them. It demonstrates where America has turned its back on living with those very same gifts. It is a both positive and negative story that I often find muddled in the telling by the American democratic left (why is never answered) and is defiantly twisted and obscured by the American political right (due to self-centeredness and greed). Moore believes that we have to recognize those positive community-building gifts, bring them back home, and reestablish them in the soil where they where initially grown. The issues include education, K-5 nutrition and community-building, justice reform, social integration, the role of women in government among others.
Be careful. Some of the story and our realization of lost opportunities along the way will bring tears to the toughest in the audience. Moore's journey of discovery is to make you fear for what may be lost forever. If you want to truly understand what progressive America is trying to talk about in the 2016 election then this movie is for you.
And, if you want to understand Bernie and Hillary and what separates them? Now is your chance. It answers the question "who is really trying to bring the gifts back?".

Reginald Bronner more than 1 year ago

Michael Moore stands out from

Michael Moore stands out from the crowd. He brings attention to the problems we seem to ignore. Every documentary points us in our new direction. His amazing awards speech about a fictitious government blew me away. Honest and sincere, a person for the working class, the financially disposed, the unemployed. He makes us see what we choose to avoid. Thanks MM. We can't seem to do it without you. Film/write on!

Eleanor Scott Johnson more than 1 year ago

I think Michael Moore has

I think Michael Moore has done exceptional work in raising the social consciousness of millions of Americans. He is a true national treasure and has proven his dedication to our people, and high degree of patriotism to the United States of America. Moore has proved - through his work - a capacity for showing us the unattractive, unvarnished truth and holding those responsible to public scrutiny. His dogged determination to raise public awareness will one day help us achieve a fair and justice driven humanitarian society.

Dan Murphy more than 1 year ago

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