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Yoichi R. Okamoto

“We learned that the government had a plan in place to deal with any black leaders emerging ‘who could unify and electrify the masses,’ in the words of the FBI. Fred was doing that.” Read more

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Kahn Band

Terry Georgia

Folksinger Si Kahn raises the question: “Can Poetry Change the World?” Read more


Recent headlines have been poking holes in any feelings of joy or gratitude I’ve had regarding the upcoming holiday. Read more


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Courtesy Peter Morley

If the Trump Administration had its way, Americans would be completely unaware that the 2020 ACA enrollment period began on Friday, November 1. Enter Peter Morley. Read more


A long-sectarian society has come together as one people, bringing hope and some much-needed levity to the streets as they push for an end to their current government. Read more


chicago sanctuary city

Daniel Lobo

A gaggle of far-right MAGA men showed up at a Chicago church to protest its immigrant rights work. Bad decision. Read more


green scare king

Jason Raish

Lawmakers are ramping up penalties for protesters who take the kind of drastic action needed to save the planet. Read more

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Ed Moss

The police keep a close eye on nonviolent protesters. Read more


An interview with Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza. Read more


Hundreds of young people and their supporters rallied near the White House in a Friday Student Climate Strike protest. What has been a small weekly gathering grew exponentially in size last week as Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg joined them. Read more


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“Free Gaza Chicago River Flotilla,” three days of action calling for an end to Israeli attacks and blockades in Palestine. Read more

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The Yippies’ co-founder and counterculture provocateur was all about making political activism fun. Read more




The Stonewall riots mark the beginning of only one story. LGBTQ histories are deeper and messier and more nuanced than that one story can capture. Read more


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Bandari Lei

At the height of the protests more than one million students and workers occupied the square. Ultimately, the government declared martial law and brought in troops and tanks. Read more


Icy air filled the small space between us and my heart began to race. Read more



minnie phan

Across the country, local groups have long been doing the work of filling the gaps in access to the procedure. Read more


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Hate Free Zone Queens Arts and Culture Committee

The diverse groups that drove the resistance movement to the retail giant signal a shifting politics nationwide. Read more

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When a beloved soccer coach faced deportation, his community rallied. Read more




Less visible, but no less vocal than anti-abortion groups, are religiously-grounded defenders of strong and expansive reproductive rights Read more


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Christian Kortum

I battled climate change via a bank shot, never directly, in part because of existential despair. After attending a meeting, I realized my mistake. Read more