Noam Chomsky on necessary responses to existential threats. Read more


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Rasheen Aldridge For State Rep of the 78th District / Facebook

The twenty-five-year-old cut his teeth on the Fight for $15 in St. Louis. Now he’s looking to use those skills as a Missouri state legislator. Read more


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Edward Kimmel

An interview with Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. Read more


Winona LaDuke talks about defeating bad ideas and realizing good ones. Read more



School of the Art Institute of Chicago

In her new book, Carolyn Forché recounts travels in El Salvador during some of its bloodiest days in the dark Reagan 1980s. “The refugees now coming from Central America are normal people,” she says, “running away from something that we helped create Read more


Climate journalist Dahr Jamail finds his own kind of hope. Read more



TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

James Clapper, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under George H. W. Bush and Director of National Intelligence under President Barack Obama speaks out against the current President. Read more

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An Interview with Seymour Hersh Read more



Noah Flora

“Land conquest and chattel slavery are so interlinked that if you separate them, you end up with a distorted story. That link has to be at the core of a complete revision of U.S. history.” Read more


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Scott Green / Bleecker Street

The thirty-seven-year-old Iowa-raised Foster often plays outsiders and marginalized characters. His most recent film, he says, reminds us there are good people, even in scary times. Read more


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Deseret News

Au discusses his new book, 'A Marxist Education.” Read more


In December 2013, Catholic priest John Dear was dismissed by the Jesuit order after thirty-two years of service for being what it called “obstinately disobedient.” But that didn't stop his work for peace. Read more


"We've got to help people understand that these puppets have strings, man, and that we're being manipulated." Read more

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DC: Bishop William J. Barber II Speaks At Howard University

AP Images

Barber is a man with a mission. He previously led the “Moral Mondays” movement, a broad coalition of people engaged in human rights struggles. Now, he’s helping to create a “reengagement” of Martin Luther King’s “Poor People's Campaign.” Read more


“We’ll always put a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, as opposed to actually acknowledging, transforming, and healing communities.” Read more


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New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

Climate change activists and survivors of disasters from Haiti to Houston gather to share lessons learned and visions for the future five years after Hurricane Sandy. Read more


From Syria to Afghanistan to the UC Berkeley campus, we are seeing violence everywhere. Is it inevitable? Sharp argues that while conflict may be inevitable, nonviolence can be just as effective as the opposite. Read more


“Trump made his campaign into a class conflict and he used the media as the representatives of the class enemy, because they were the ones in the room. It was a brilliant strategy. It made his speeches really work.” Read more



Phil Roeder

An author of books on topics ranging from Malcolm X to Marvin Gaye, Dyson writes about whiteness and the current challenges to white “innocence.” Read more

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