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Ed Rampell is a Los Angeles-based film historian and critic who contributes regularly to The Progressive; he created the Progie Awards in 2007 to highlight the year’s best progressive films and filmmakers. Rampell is the author of the 2005 book Progressive Hollywood, A People’s Film History of the United States and the coauthor of three other film history books, most recently The Hawaii Movie and Television Book.  


Raffael Dickreuter

The Academy has overlooked some of this year’s most progressive films. Read more


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Fox Searchlight Pictures

Malick’s visionary film strives for the heightened experience of poetic lyricism and spiritual cinema. Read more


Through the years, television and film treatments have transmitted the late Senator's persona–and exposed his perfidy. Read more

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Toronto International Film Festival

The title refers to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, an oil oligarch who burst upon the post-Soviet scene in the mid-1990s. Read more


Kingmaker teaser


In “The Kingmaker,” director Lauren Greenfield takes aim at Imelda Marcos and the family that ran one of the world’s most repressive dictatorships. Read more



A24 Films

The new film illustrates how Washington’s endless imperialist wars of aggression tragically pit Americans against not only overseas “enemies,” but one another. Read more



White Pine Pictures

“In the last forty years the corporations have taken total control of one party and half or more of the other.” Read more



CJ Entertainment

The Cannes hit morphs from a Patricia Highsmith milieu of Mr. Ripley-like talented con artists to a Stephen King house of horrors tale. Read more


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Sony Pictures Classics

New documentary takes stock of Trump’s Svengali. Read more


If the press is the “fourth estate,” the cinema is arguably the fifth. “Official Secrets” indicts Blair, Bush, and other mass murderers in the court of public opinion—at a theater near you. Read more


American Factory

Participant Media

A Chinese billionaire reopens a shuttered Ohio GM plant, hiring some 2,000 Americans to work side-by-side with imported Chinese workers. Culture clash or cultural revolution? Read more

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Angus MacAskill

It’s no panacea, but it can help heal our wounded nation. Read more

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Magnolia Pictures / Magnet Releasing

Belkin does viewers a great service by reminding us of one of broadcast journalism’s most outspoken gladiators, who at his finest boldly yelled truth to power. Read more


The Great Hack


“Digital rights are human rights.” A review of the film, The Great Hack. Read more


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Werner Herzog

While many people view him as a Lincoln, others consider him a “traitor” for, they believe, triggering the Soviet Union’s liquidation. A review of the film, “Meeting Gorbachev.” Read more


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Nick Wall

At the height of the Cold War, five members of Britain’s nuclear program passed secrets along to the USSR. Read more


Seven actors meet at the intersection of Hollywood and activism. Read more



Magnolia Pictures

“The Brink” takes down a phony “populist” provocateur. Read more


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Courtesy Holly Near

In a new documentary, PBS explores the legacy of singer and activist Holly Near. Read more



Richard F. Outcault

Film Review of “Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People.” Read more