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We need your help organizing.

We need your help organizing. I know a large number of people who want to do something. Everyone seems to be trying everything that comes across the internet... The republicans blow it off as "sore losers". It feels like the national version of what went on in Wisconsin. We're like a bunch of chickens running around...
I'd like a list of groups to contact that are able to effect some change now. How to go about that is the issue, and not do the same thing other groups are doing. We've never had this kind of threat and loss of feeling safe before. ORGANIZING quickly is crazy hard.

Karyn Schneider 150 days ago

there is no reason to sugar

there is no reason to sugar coat it.
The election of Donald Trump was aided by Self proclaimed, self destructive " progressives" like Mark Pocan
who betrayed the democratic voters of Wisconsin and in his district
to cast his superdelegate vote
for the only democratic candidate who Trump could beat.
People across the state voted for sanders over clinton,
and his consistent general election polling numbers vs trump
showed sanders double digits more likely to defeat trump than Clinton.
but Mark helped make Trumps path top the White house
by giving him an unethical and unelectable democratic nominee.
The best way to build an unstoppable progressive movement
is to hold the "progressives" who stopped us from winning,
accountable for betraying the values and betraying the voters we need to win.

bryan bliss 150 days ago

(Democrats, liberals,

(Democrats, liberals, progressivists)
Before 2016 election: Donald Trump needs to stop saying the election is rigged it is clearly fair and there is no way it could possibly be rigged he is being such a baby.

After 2016 election: I can't believe that the election is rigged against us it isn't fair.

Pick a lane people is it rigged or not.

Also stop being so hypocritical it's really annoying.

the conserv 150 days ago

The left doesn't want to even

The left doesn't want to even consider modifying its agenda. Instead they talk of doubling down and going door to door. But you might consider that you will be happier and like it better when you have some (but not total) power because you moderate your collectivist agenda and welcome moderate suggestions from non-collectivists. The alternative will be going back to pre-Obama obscurity.

a realist 150 days ago

I teach the children at my

I teach the children at my school that diversity works both ways. Those who want Sharia law are a violation of human rights, and must be banned. Islam is not tolerant of my Christianity, there are no diversity provisions to Islam, do it their way or die. That for a thousand years before the US was ever thought of, the muzzies were slaving people. And today, the muzzies are still slaving. And raping little girls, and boys, and violate all our human rights. I teach them that progressives are evil, they take from those who work, or sue us, it's how they live. I teach them Hitlery lost the election because she cheated, CNN cheated, and because she takes money from countries who allow religious brutality. She lost because she is a liar. How anyone could lower themselves to think of her as their mommy leader is deplorable. What weak people. You declare you promote diversity, until I want to sing real Christmas carols at a Christmas function, then I am offensive to you. Or even say Merry Christmas. So I teach my students to say out loud Merry Christmas, and too bad if someone says they are offended, they are taught to tell them to embrace their own diversity, and leave us alone. You people need to pray. And by the way, we do sing real carols, and tell that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is our savior. It is foreign to you, the truth, but since Trump nation is rising, this will become normal again.

jim gund 152 days ago

" who care about working

" who care about working-class families. People all across the country are struggling to make ends meet and they feel like the economy is rigged against them in favor of the wealthy. Some of those voters felt disillusioned and frustrated that their voices weren’t being heard in Washington. "

What's your point? These are the reasons why average Americans elected Trump for president? We have seen 8 years of Bush, 8 years of Obama, now who want to see 4 years of Hillary? I don't see any reason for you to complain about the election.

Whatever 154 days ago

The real problem with income

The real problem with income inequality is that since the 1970's 2/3 of the profits made by workers go to CEO's and the stock market. After World War Two productivity doubled and so did wages. Now productivity goes up but wages only 1/3. But instead of blaming business, people have blamed the government (which of course did not stop this). 80 per cent of workforce is in manufacturing or non-supervisory service jobs. forgive this rant but.... if it would actually be useful to have me write something I can and I assume you know how to reach me but you have good people and may not need any more advise or data.

Peggy Wireman 157 days ago

I'm with you all the way Mark

I'm with you all the way Mark. This election has left me and several of my acquaintances in such a high state of anxiety.
I have been a long time advocate of Citizens United since its defeat in 2010. I belong to several progressive organizations and at this point in time we all have to come together and UNITE against Trump and all of his cronies.
I am anxious to see and hope that there is a National movement to prevent his placement in the highest office of the land. I hope that this so called electoral college has second thoughts and reverse their votes on December 19th.

Walter Fritsch, Jr. 157 days ago

You can try again in 4 years.

You can try again in 4 years. Results will be the same. Crushing defeat.

bad bob 157 days ago

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