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Gage Skidmore

Yang made sense, Biden welcomed the hatred of billionaires, and Klobuchar made mincemeat of Buttigieg. Read more



Corrado Scropetta

“Morales was the glue that held everything together.” Read more


In the most watchable of the five Democratic candidate debates so far, three candidates who have been running toward the back of the pack put in the best performances. Read more



Tim Kiser

Are the many successful local school funding requests a harbinger of change in 2020? Read more



Lorie Shaul

Past governance has been racist public policy in the form of municipal paternalism. Read more

Public School Shakedown

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Rasheen Aldridge For State Rep of the 78th District / Facebook

The twenty-five-year-old cut his teeth on the Fight for $15 in St. Louis. Now he’s looking to use those skills as a Missouri state legislator. Read more


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Voters are still kicking tires and are far from deciding what they want to drive off the lot. Read more



Shahid Buttar for Congress

Meet three new challengers to the entrenched old guard. Read more

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A side-stepped apology from Biden, two gimmick-meisters, and seven remaining candidates who gave solid performances. Read more


Demilitarize the Police, Black Lives Matter

Johnny Silvercloud

A new census of black America shows that despite a high level of political engagement, more than half of respondents think that politicians do not care about black people. Read more



James Willamor

If anyone is surprised by the xenophobia on display in North Carolina, they shouldn’t be. But there’s plenty of resistance, too. Read more



Joeff Davis

Twenty-one candidates came through the Iowa State Fair for a weekend of “straw” polls, soapbox speeches, and a turkey leg or two. Read more

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Centrist Democrats like Joe Biden still aim to gin up mass fear over the prospect of leaving behind predatory insurers and the dizzying array of deductibles, co-pays, exclusions, humiliations, and rationing of care that characterizes our current syst Read more

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With Trump stretching the leash of dog-whistle politics, a powerful economic message with a frank recognition of race is key to winning in 2020, says leading author and law professor. Read more



Charles Edward Miller

2020 Democratic candidates taking a stand against for-profit charters is like bravely standing up in opposition to yeti attacks. Read more

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Library of Congress, Prints and Photos Division.

Honestly, it’s hard to see how any of the current contenders would not come across looking better in a debate against the Prevaricator-In-Chief. The question will be whether it matters. Read more


In a show of progressive promise versus the status quo, it was Warren/Sanders versus the Four Horsemen of the Pale, Stale, and Male. Read more

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Billionaires v. Bernie

DonkeyHotey / GoodFreePhotos

The democratic socialist candidate is under attack from the super rich, their corporations, lobbyists, and think tanks. Some are even backing his 2020 Democratic primary rivals. Read more

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Blue Dog Democrats


“If we embrace progressive values and the idea of diversity as our advantage, we can win through inclusion, we can form this big tent around progressive values.” Read more

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After years of avoidance, Democrats are being forced to take a stand charter schools—and most are straddling both sides. Read more

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