Rep. Mark Pocan


Matt Logan

Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan, member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, talks about the energy he's feeling from constituents across the country. Read more


The system has been rigged against us but there's hope at the grass roots. Read more

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It is unacceptable to send our students to deficient schools and expect taxpayers to continue funding those schools. Read more


If Rep. Paul Ryan is the poster boy for a piece of legislation, you know it’s trouble for progressives. We don’t have to look any further than the fight over Trade Promotion Authority, known as “fast track,” to see Ryan, the Republican spin-d... Read more

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Let’s be glad the war in Iraq is over and many of our troops are coming home to their families. Read more


In his crackdown on free speech in the Capitol, Walker lets “sexual orientation” be a basis for denying people a permit. Read more


There’s nothing more insulting for a business owner to hear than the lip service Republicans constantly give us. Read more


Governor Walker is the director and Republican legislators are the actors. Read more


Republicans have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will try to win elections—including the Walker recall—at any cost. Read more