State of the Union: Are We Kidding Ourselves?



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Obama is now starting to

Obama is now starting to sound like a progressive.Now he needs to control the drone warfare and the NSA.

Jack Holmes more than 2 years ago

Yes, the Liar In Chief makes

Yes, the Liar In Chief makes good speeches. We have heard them before, especially when he was trying to get elected the first time. He made many false promises. Now he is paying attention to his "legacy" and again misrepresenting himself as a progressive. Now that we have the Nutcase Party in charge of Congress Obama can make all the speeches he wants and be assured that the Nutcase Party (assisted, of course, by the corporatized Democratic Party) will not allow anything helpful to the people get passed. Unless we have a revolution that changes our corrupt political system neither of the existing political parties are going to do anything but represent the 1%. Also remember that the two leading "progressive" Senators voted to enthusiastically support Israel's continuing genocide of the Palestinians and theft of their land. So much for the "liberal" and "progressive" Democrats and Independents.

Jim Thomas more than 2 years ago

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