Ruth Conniff


A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Ruth joined the magazine as a summer intern working with the late Erwin Knoll and has been part of the team ever since. As Associate Editor for the Progressive, she opened The Progressive's Washington, D.C., office in 1997. She became a regular on TV pundit shows on CNN, Fox News, and PBS. She appears frequently on the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC. Ruth received an "Editor's Choice" award from Madison Magazine for her coverage of the Wisconsin Uprising in 2011.

A not-so-subtle theme of the Democratic primary debates, and much of the conversation about the 2020 presidential election, is the choice between pragmatic centrism and inspiring progressivism. Read more


From $1,000 monthly payments to socialism to love, presidential candidates lay out their strategies for beating Trump in 2020. Read more


Governors Whitmer and Evers

Austin_Slack / WCIJ

In Michigan and Wisconsin, voters have organized massive rallies to support Democratic plans to fund education that have come under attack by Republicans. Read more


This week, the conservative-dominated Wisconsin supreme court reinstated the state’s controversial Republican “power grab” laws. Read more




What happens in Wisconsin—over the last decade the site of some of America’s fiercest political battles—will have a lot to do with what happens to the rest of the country. Read more


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Steve Nass

Cases on gerrymandering and the new Census citizenship question will shape the political playing field. Read more


How Democrats might address the crisis spurred by Trump’s lawless administration. Read more


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Joe Lynde

Across the country this week, advocates for reproductive justice and women’s rights are rallying to put a stop to the onslaught of restrictive abortion laws. Read more




The President’s get-tough stance on China resonates with working people’s frustrations about trade “deals” that leave ordinary Americans scrambling. Democrats ignore that at their peril. Read more



David Geitgey Sierralupe

Politically, it might make more sense to focus on the next election, but Constitutionally, Democrats in Congress have no choice but to go after Trump now. Read more

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Milwaukee public schools

Charles Edward Miller

In an historic election, the school board, long hospitable to private interests, is now controlled by a pro-public-school majority. That’s big news in a city that has had a giant target painted on it by the national school-choice lobby. Read more


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Gage Skidmore

Sanders’s socialism is scary for a Democratic establishment that worries a lot about electability. Cue the media hit pieces. Read more

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Robert Mueller

Pete Souza

To get too caught up in Russian interference and the unfairness of the American electoral system is to overlook Trump’s power, and to risk not learning the lessons of his popularity. Read more

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Norman Stockwell

“I can understand why people voted for Trump based on what he said. For too long the political establishment did not listen to the needs of working families.” Read more


Trump is the mean drunk at the family dinner, throwing his weight around, hurling insults and threats, while everyone cringes and hopes that his rage will subside, knowing that nothing good will come from a confrontation. Read more


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Norman Stockwell

Can Democrats win with an economic justice platform? Read more



President of Russia

The truth is less dramatic, but more sordid. Read more

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Jay Godwin/GoodFreePhotos

Biden’s not-very-progressive record is a huge mismatch for the current political moment. Read more

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U.S. Library of Congress

2020 DNC to be held at a crossroads of racism, working class rage, and socialism. Read more

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The closing moments of the hearing seemed to serve as a therapy session for white men suffering from the uncomfortable feeling that their moral authority, as well as their power, is in decline. Read more

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