Backbone Campaign

I’m not looking for gotcha moments or public chastising of the Secretary, I’m after something larger. Read more

Public School Shakedown

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Stacy Abrams delivered a smart, cogent, and energetic Democratic response. Read more


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Nile Ostenso

“We’ve gotten away from who we are and the values that make Wisconsin great. Not Democratic or Republican values, but Wisconsin values: Kindness and respect, empathy and compassion and integrity and civility.” Read more


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Tim Pierce

Here’s a prediction: Political leaders who believe people are entitled to health care, food, and housing will see their stock rise in the coming year. Read more


CA: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fundraiser and rally in Los Angeles

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The environmental policy centerpiece of the incoming Democratic House of Representatives has ignited tremendous grassroots enthusiasm. Read more

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The ascendant progressive wing of the Democratic party has plenty of ideas gaining momentum at home—but what about issues abroad? Read more


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Trump has committed multiple impeachable offenses. Colluding with Putin isn’t one of them. Read more


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On education issues, newly-elected progressive Democrats are setting a new tone. Read more

Public School Shakedown

Randy Bryce concedes, November 6, 2018.

George Petrovich

Instead of gloom, Bryce and his supporters seemed to exude an air of gritty resolve. Read more


Rainbow wave

Anthony Quintano

While Donald Trump rallies the rightwing base with flagrant appeals to fear, anger, and racism, the most diverse slate of candidates in U.S. history is poised to change the direction of the nation’s politics for a long time to come. Read more



Ted Eytan

Unless candidates tell us how they’re going to pay for their healthcare promises, we better not believe them. Read more


The centrist strategy of trying to win over moderate Republicans backfired miserably for Democrats. Now progressive energy is pulling the so-called Blue Wave left. Read more


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John Fraser

The midterms are a battle for the soul of both parties. Read more

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The upcoming New York primary could redefine the Democratic party in the state—and could mean drastic change for the charter school industry. Read more

Public School Shakedown 2 Comments

Political pundits say progressives are alienating working class whites by talking too much about race. They're wrong. Read more


In Tuesday’s primary elections, Democrats offer a powerful answer to the rapacious politics that have exacerbated inequality across the country. Read more


Democratic Convention

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After the establishment came down on the counterculture at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party was never the same. Read more


Wisconsin farmers, like rural folks across America post-2016 election, are reclaiming their legacy as key players in the country’s progressive movement. Read more


Between two groups—the divided and the disaffected—lies the path to victory for Democrats in Wisconsin. Read more


On his new book, a winning strategy for Democrats, and a possible Trump reelection. Read more