Sanders Celebrates, Clinton Regroups After New Hampshire



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As a strong Sanders supporter

As a strong Sanders supporter, I've been repeatedly disappointed at the way his campaign has been caught flat-footed on the issue of race and racism. To confront the disadvantage already built in to his campaign because he comes from a rural white state, Sanders needs to have his ear to the ground, feeling the pulse of current African-American & Latino issues and activism. Instead, Sanders continue to repeat rehearsed lines about economic/structural racism, high unemployment rates in African-American communities and high incarceration rates. All of these problems are very real and solutions are desperately needed, but Sanders appears to be somewhat tone deaf to the daily drumbeat of emerging issues in the African-American and Latino communities. He needs to develop a rapid-response team and he needs to better articulate his sensitivity to the immediate problems as expressed by these communities. This means educating himself to the local neighborhood problems in each place where he campaigns. It means asking more questions and learning. It means involving groups like Black Lives Matters, The Urban League & the NAACP in writing his political platform.

Thomas Wells more than 1 year ago

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