Fifty Shades of Protest



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The strange thing about this

The strange thing about this movie/book is that many conservative middle aged women are wildly turned on. So if it is in fact abuse, then we need to ask why so many "normal" women want to be abused. It is hard to find any guy who can understand it and even hard to find a woman who can explain why she is turned on by this story. Nevertheless, since this story has effected my business (in a positive way) I have tried to research those answers. It seems simply that many couples are afraid to try anything new and women especially are not only afraid, but won't take the initiative. This story shows how a women can be lead to an alternative lifestyle within a consensual loving relationship. And part of that seems to be that that she feels she needs to be lead there by a strong man. Rather than criticize the movie, we may want to look why people are so turned on and deal with that.

"Sex Toy Dave" Levine more than 2 years ago

There is a difference between

There is a difference between "enjoying a fantasy" and applying it in real life. Think about the diffrenece between a guy who likes to play GTA and another who decides to shoot people in real life.
50 Shades is "dub-con erotica", and doesn't display an healthy relationship. Taken as fantasy, there's nothing wrong in enjoying it. But EL James promotes 50 Shades as a healthy relationship women should try. That's absolutely NOT OK.

Zoriax more than 1 year ago

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