Like other holidays that are celebrated predominantly by people of color — such as Ramadan, Juneteenth, Holi, and Hispanic Heritage Month — Kwanzaa is often misunderstood. Read more

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border wall

Jody Duek

On the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, here in the U.S. we gather to mourn the construction of a new border wall, and all the human and animal rights it threatens. Read more


hate faith

Keri Lynn

Spirituality is love. Religion, as often practiced now and through history, is a convenient partner of oppression, and can easily become what I call hate faith. Read more

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Less visible, but no less vocal than anti-abortion groups, are religiously-grounded defenders of strong and expansive reproductive rights Read more


A new book explores the nuances behind the opposition to Zionism and effectively dispels the myth that Jewish people who criticize Israel are “self-hating Jews.” Read more

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Do you really want your Bible signed by the guy who separates mothers from babies, had an affair while his wife was home with a baby and is currently doing his best to take food and healthcare away from poor people? Read more




“All Jews must die!,” were the words that echoed in the chaos of the mass shooting on October 27 in the Squirrel Hill Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Read more


IMG_9791 2.jpg

Jeff Abbott

The Catholic Church resisted, stating that Romero was far too political. Read more


It’s never too early to prepare for what may be coming. Read more


The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. Read more



A number of New York’s ultra Orthodox Jewish schools, accused of academic neglect, are a shocking example of what happens when ‘school choice’ is prioritized over all else. Read more

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Scher_DIAN3 (1).jpg

Laura Franco

The Trump team wants to make it easier for health providers to refuse care because of their religious beliefs. Read more



Greg Ness

How uncanny and unexpected this younger generation has become—so much more open-minded and embracing of diversity in our world. Read more


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 4.53.14 PM.png

James Jeffrey

The Catholic Church in Texas recently called out one of the state’s best known pro-life organizations for its strategies. How much should the church get embroiled in state politics? Read more


Congress Taxes

AP Images

Religious leaders are at the forefront of the Trump opposition. Read more

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DC: Bishop William J. Barber II Speaks At Howard University

AP Images

Barber is a man with a mission. He previously led the “Moral Mondays” movement, a broad coalition of people engaged in human rights struggles. Now, he’s helping to create a “reengagement” of Martin Luther King’s “Poor People's Campaign.” Read more



Gage Skidmore

The Vice President is just as scary as his unhinged colleague, and is arguably worse for the LGBTQ+ community. Read more



Mark Fiore

President Trump is determined to oppose the imaginary war with a full-throated defense of Christianity and all things Christmas—look away from those pesky sick children! Read more



Google Art Project

The story of how Jesus' wandering family found refuge in a barn carries a strong message for the United States today. Read more

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