“All Jews must die!,” were the words that echoed in the chaos of the mass shooting on October 27 in the Squirrel Hill Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. more


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Jeff Abbott

The Catholic Church resisted, stating that Romero was far too political. more


It’s never too early to prepare for what may be coming. more


The new environmental agency head may be as anti-science Christian Taliban as Scott Pruitt. more



A number of New York’s ultra Orthodox Jewish schools, accused of academic neglect, are a shocking example of what happens when ‘school choice’ is prioritized over all else. more

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Laura Franco

The Trump team wants to make it easier for health providers to refuse care because of their religious beliefs. more


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James Jeffrey

The Catholic Church in Texas recently called out one of the state’s best known pro-life organizations for its strategies. How much should the church get embroiled in state politics? more


Congress Taxes

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Religious leaders are at the forefront of the Trump opposition. more

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DC: Bishop William J. Barber II Speaks At Howard University

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Barber is a man with a mission. He previously led the “Moral Mondays” movement, a broad coalition of people engaged in human rights struggles. Now, he’s helping to create a “reengagement” of Martin Luther King’s “Poor People's Campaign.” more



Gage Skidmore

The Vice President is just as scary as his unhinged colleague, and is arguably worse for the LGBTQ+ community. more



Mark Fiore

President Trump is determined to oppose the imaginary war with a full-throated defense of Christianity and all things Christmas—look away from those pesky sick children! more



Google Art Project

The story of how Jesus' wandering family found refuge in a barn carries a strong message for the United States today. more

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“I think all the church members are angels. They are always thinking about me and what I need as if I were their son, as if this were my house.” more


Maybe someday, if a person doesn’t want to serve me, she’ll just have to say, “I’m sorry, but giving beer to a guy in a wheelchair is against my religion.” more

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Monseñor Romero ~ ¡Presente! Óscar Romero on his centenary, soon to be named the first Central American-born Saint. more



Adventure Jay

The Order on "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty," signed in the Rose Garden on National Prayer Day, effectively opens the door for employers to impose their religious beliefs on their employees. Where's the freedom in that? more



Courtesy of Shane Claiborne

A native of Tennessee, Claiborne calls on Christians, especially Evangelicals, to turn toward a practice of nonviolence, social justice, and solidarity with the poor. Alabama, pay attention. more


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Noah Phillips

A growing list of over seventy volunteers are helping train New Yorkers to stand together and “get some courage.” more


Trump commits the seven deadly sins with ostentation, so why did the majority of Christians in the U.S., including the vast majority of white evangelical Christians, vote for Trump? more