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Why do the good citizens of

Why do the good citizens of Wisconsin's Congressional 1st. District want the Government to take away their Social Security and Medicare? Can we just let this wish come true for them without pushing this demand on the rest of the Great State of Wisconsin and the rest of the country? If the 160,000 of them that voted for Paul Ryan want that for themselves then I say let that happen to them. Why should the other 6 million citizens of Wisconsin and the 300 million citizens of the USA stop them from achieving this desire? Besides, it might save the rest of us a nice chunk of money. I say, Let These People Go!

Jim Sherrell 317 days ago

It's not that "certain people

It's not that "certain people" don't believe the world is going through very serious catastrophic changes. Their mission is to tell others not to believe because they have only figured out a way to make a profit by raping the world of its resources and not by finding a better way to make money by keeping the world safe and whole for future generations. In simpler terms, it's called GREED!

Edgey1 324 days ago

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