Civil Liberties


Pax Ahimsa Gethen

As memberships swell, organizations discuss how to move forward at Netroots Nation conference Read more


The constitutional law expert talks about his journey from being “vaguely liberal” to the center of resistance to the loss of our civil liberties. Read more


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Heath Hinegardner

Progressive magazine exclusive: Terrorism prosecutions in Arizona are built on internet searches and alleged statements. Do they threaten civil liberties? Read more

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Elvert Barnes

The contrast between his coddling of corporations and his rebuff to women’s basic rights reveals a big-business bias crushing for actual human beings. Read more


In the wake of a hate crime, one community member shares thoughts on the importance of criticism. Read more

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The cuisine of New York’s most diverse borough can be found on the streets—where there’s a struggle going on for economic justice. Read more


When a stomach ache can land you in jail. Read more


"They’ve got to stop giving these boys these toys because they don’t know how to handle them.” Read more


Stone seeks to set the record straight. Read more

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Some examples of failed bills and resolutions from just the current 2015-2016 session. Read more


Courts are finding these laws racially discriminatory in both effect and intent. Read more

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"Do we love everybody?" Read more


The designation was once invoked to censor The Progressive. Read more

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Madison Police Chief Mike Koval is taking a wait-and-see approach. Read more

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Because we have allowed a minority of extremists to control the gun debate. Read more

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How one progressive responds to the pressure of loyalty to a party she no longer belongs to. Read more

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Franklin Graham arrived in Madison to a large crowd of supporters and a strong showing by protesters as well. Read more

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Sixty-one years ago Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren delivered an address in Robert M. La Follette's honor. Read more