Xian Franzinger Barrett


Xian Franzinger Barrett is a stay-at-home parent who previously taught Writing, Sexual Education, Law, History, and Japanese Language and Cultures in the Chicago Public Schools, and received numerous teaching awards, including being selected as a 2009-2010 U.S. Department of Education Classroom Teaching Ambassador Fellow. He is a founding member of EduColor


U.S. Department of Education

A reminder that we not only need DACA, but must go even further to protect immigrant youth. more

Public School Shakedown

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Let's follow Bethune’s students example and not accept false choices. Let’s fight for the agency and power that provides the truest “choice” to all: equity. more

Public School Shakedown

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s policies have destroyed parent power and public education in Chicago. more

Public School Shakedown

This is a fight between oppressors and communities, not simply between the board of education or the mayor and teachers. more

Public School Shakedown

You can’t compromise with a system that wants to fund your education as if you were three-fifths of a person. more

Public School Shakedown

For the good of our students, we must take a stand. more

Public School Shakedown

In Chicago a million flowers are blooming. Every blossom is opening toward justice. more

Public School Shakedown

They ask me each morning, “When’s the next protest? “Has Rahm Emanuel resigned yet?” more

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In restorative justice, we look for ways people can address the problems they’ve caused. more

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