Behind the stats about incarceration rates, lies a basic structure of law that accommodates white people. What better place to host the 2020 Dem convention? Read more

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U.S. Library of Congress

2020 DNC to be held at a crossroads of racism, working class rage, and socialism. Read more

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The Taiwan-based giant is downsizing from promises of up to 13,000 new jobs, with 75 percent blue-collar production workers, to now admitting that production workers will compose only 10 percent of a much smaller “technology hub.” Read more


In 2012, Kleefisch claimed that the “war on women” was fake, and a distraction from the “real war.” Read more

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Nile Ostenso

“We’ve gotten away from who we are and the values that make Wisconsin great. Not Democratic or Republican values, but Wisconsin values: Kindness and respect, empathy and compassion and integrity and civility.” Read more


In one scenario, courts could affirm the gerrymandered map, extend the Republican legislature’s power grab, and allow it to lock itself in power for the foreseeable future. Read more


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Republican state officials have passed legislation limiting the powers of the Attorney General and Governor-elect. Read more



Michael Vadon

There are all kinds of bad things in the Wisconsin Republicans’ just-passed power-grab legislation. Read more


On power-grab bills, Wisconsin spoke, the GOP didn’t listen. Here’s the evidence. Read more


The Wisconsin GOP power grab is part of a larger national strategy that attacks the pillars of democratic governance. Progressive editor-at-large Ruth Conniff lays it all out on ‘Democracy Now!’ Read more


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Claire VanValkenburg

Just before sunrise on Wednesday, a Republican-controlled senate approved bills to restrict early voting and curb the powers of the incoming governor and attorney general. Read more


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Norman Stockwell

Citizens jammed the halls and chanted outside locked hearing-room doors, while Republican legislators rushed through a series of bills designed to take power away from the incoming governor. Read more

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Zina Saunders

Republicans are using their gerrymandered control of the state to push through a slew of power-grabbing bills before the newly elected Democratic governor and attorney general can take office. Read more


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Carole Trone

The nailbiter was emblematic of midterm elections across the country on Tuesday that delivered mixed results. Read more


Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. Read more


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An unlikely coalition of supporters want a working man in Paul Ryan's seat. Read more


The Republican Governors Association, under Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s leadership, has run a number of hypocritical attack ads on the Georgian gubernatorial candidate. Read more


Wisconsin farmers, like rural folks across America post-2016 election, are reclaiming their legacy as key players in the country’s progressive movement. Read more


In the Midwest and across the country, the November election will test the Democrats’ messages of civility and progress against an entrenched Republican Party that has now fully embraced Donald Trump. Read more