Worthington, Minnesota

Tony Webster

One Midwestern town finds itself in a race war stoked by the gentry to preserve their own wealth. But there is a glimmer of hope here, too. Read more


Consider the story of Annie Moore, a seventeen-year-old girl who left my hometown of Cobh, County Cork, back in 1891. Read more


Born in deeply segregated Mississippi in the 1940s, photographer Doy Gorton grew up surrounded by what he describes as “legalized white supremacy.” Read more

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“Esquire” magazine is under fire for putting a straight, white, Trump-supporting Wisconsin teenager on its cover. But that isn’t the real problem. Read more

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Racism in the classroom leaves white students racially illiterate. Read more

Public School Shakedown 2 Comments

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PBS Frontline/ProPublica

‘I was most surprised by their reluctance to admit to their politics.’ Read more




It is important that students learn of a world prior to European’s attempt to rule over it. Read more

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Not even Spotify can scrub the influence white-power hate groups have on music. Read more



Joan Shipps

White supremacists mingle with Trump supporters and a gathering of Juggalos on the National Mall. Read more


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Heather Wilson

The eyes of the country turned to Charlottesville this weekend, but organizers there have been fighting white nationalism for a while. Read more


Why are people making excuses for white supremacists when expressions of racist hate turn into racist action? Read more



Phil Roeder

An author of books on topics ranging from Malcolm X to Marvin Gaye, Dyson writes about whiteness and the current challenges to white “innocence.” Read more

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