White Supremacy

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Daniel Lobo

A gaggle of far-right MAGA men showed up at a Chicago church to protest its immigrant rights work. Bad decision. Read more

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Their ‘war of position’ will unfold on cultural terrain. Read more


A legendary civil rights organization comes face-to-face with white supremacy—again. Read more

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What should we know about the far right wing? Read more

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Just as surely as migrants are inhumanely deterred at our borders, national identity is tyrannically policed inside them. Read more

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After several years submerged in violent prison racism, I became a fascist. Read more


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Is violent American racism really this simple? Read more



Overpass Light Brigade

His father was killed by a white supremacist in a mass shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple. Today, Pardeep Kaleka works in communities all over the country teaching about how to heal from hate. Read more



Fabrizio Rinaldi

Newly elected House Democrats promise to crack down on “domestic terrorism.” Read more


March 2005 marks the 90th anniversary of the release of D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation," a film that remains one of the most groundbreaking and controversial in movie history. "The Birth of a Nation" set the foundation for the long... Read more