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Nelson Minar

In a proposed amendment to the Clean Water Act, Trump’s EPA threatens to leave over a third of Americans’ drinking water unprotected. Read more




Why is the Environmental Protection Agency refusing to study PFAS? The toxic chemicals are found in drinking water around the country. Read more


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Kristin Thiekling

What will it take to create a public for the ocean? Read more


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Steve Johnson

“Forever chemicals” are found in a wide variety of products including cosmetics, non-stick pans, firefighting foams, and food packaging. Oh, and the water in your tap. Read more


Residents in Columbus and Toledo are being told they don’t have the authority to vote to protect their drinking water this November. Read more

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TOLOnews YouTube

Afghans could be forgiven for feeling paralyzed and defeated by controlling elites who ignore their most basic human needs. Yet every day, Afghan communities reject continued war and call for peace. Read more


Even the federal safeguard failed Flint’s residents. Read more

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This is no way to serve the people. Read more