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Jason Wallace

Trans woman Veronika Fimbres has PTSD as a result of the traumas she experienced in the military. Forty-five years later, the Trump Administration has imposed a ban on transgender servicepeople. Read more

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Boston Public Library

“Many liberals and progressives who don’t buy the propaganda about climate, or about education, buy the propaganda about the VA.” Read more

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U.S. National Archives

Veterans for Peace are working to recover the original purpose of Armistice Day—calling for adequate psychological and material support for veterans, and above all to abolish wars. Read more




This Veteran's Day, remembering some of our veterans who protected a country that did not protect them. Read more

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Hall’s harrowing, hard-hitting drama could be titled “The Worst Years of Their Lives.” Read more


As I write this, the sounds of the World War II Memorial celebration in Washington, D.C., are still in my head. Read more


On Veterans Day, a former bombardier's reflections on war November 4, 2002 I was an eager bombardier in the Air Force during World War II. I served in "the best of wars," the war that killed the most people, but for good purpose. This war h... Read more