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Dennis Dimick

Preemption is especially prevalent in states with Republican-led legislatures, which often employ model bill language from conservative groups like ALEC. Read more


Making people apply to own guns could save lives. Read more


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The state legislature and University of Wisconsin Board of Regents are seeking to punish campus free speech disruptions that are not occurring. Read more



Ostroff Law

The extraction of shale oil and natural gas, especially for export to other countries, is not worth the toll it’s taking on communities and the climate, according to a new report. Read more


Private companies want to build new immigrant detention facilities, but communities around Chicago are stopping them in their tracks. Read more


While politicians and activists debate the idea of a federal plan to fight climate change and boost our economy, the Golden State is quietly showing how it could actually work. Read more


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The White House

The new governor wants to arm teachers, undermine local school boards, and generally double down on decades of education reform efforts that have gutted the state’s public schools. Read more

Public School Shakedown

Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren, by taking a stand for a democracy solution, sparked a much-needed debate and spread the word about a concrete policy that Americans can immediately act on. Read more


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Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon / NASA

Local residents now have standing in court to sue corporate polluters on behalf of the lake. The local effort has been vigorously opposed by a group linked to some of the largest corporations and lobbying groups on the planet. Read more

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Dorothea Lange

Forty-five states have regressive tax codes. State and local policies could change that. Read more


A new report highlights how local LGBTQ rights measures are under threat—and the special lessons this offers about the dangers of state preemption. Read more



Darvin Atkeson

For decades, California has focused on standing up for values that will make life better and safer for every American, and its actions will hopefully send ripples nationwide. Read more


Many residents in West Virginia are about to receive $525 because their water supply has been poisoned. How could this be a bad thing? Read more




Competition to woo businesses through incentive packages drain billions from public budgets and into corporate coffers each year. Read more



Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

The candidate for New York governor and former Sex and the City actor is a longtime public education advocate, and isn’t afraid to point out Cuomo’s pattern of underfunding schools. Read more

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New findings show that a majority of voters are seeking to defend their local governments—and their own power. Read more


Wisconsin voters are deciding if they want to remove the office of state treasurer. If this passes, Wisconsin will be the only state without a treasurer or financial equivalent—and that's bad business. Read more




States are passing “super preemption” bills that go one step further to thwart local action on issues like guns and immigration. Read more

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Success Academy

If granted, this would allow teachers to transfer from a charter into any public school statewide, avoiding current degree and certification requirements. And that’s not good for students. Read more

Public School Shakedown