Social Security

Stepping up reevaluations is a good way to purge the disability rolls in the name of “enhancing program integrity.” Read more


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Brad Dougherty

If you’re wondering what life is like for many disabled folks, think about those TV commercials for amusement parks like Great America. Read more

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If you or someone you love may apply for Social Security Disability support, you should probably stay off social media. Either that or only post pictures of yourself looking totally miserable. Read more


What to do when every day is a rainy day? Read more


Throughout his Presidential campaign, George W. Bush indignantly denied that he intended to privatize Social Security. Read more


Undeterred by the febrile condition of the world financial markets, the drive to “save,” privatize, and otherwise snuff out that venerable vestige of the New Deal is back and gaining steam. Read more


'I get very irritated by the argument that welfare is flawed, and therefore it can't be defended. If a program is flawed, you work to fix it. You don't smash it.' Read more