Scott Walker

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Hiding behind the goal of a “balanced budget,” is a movement about using constitutional change to destroy the power of the federal government. Read more

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In one scenario, courts could affirm the gerrymandered map, extend the Republican legislature’s power grab, and allow it to lock itself in power for the foreseeable future. Read more




What do the Michigan and Wisconsin power grab bills mean for the future? Read more



Michael Vadon

There are all kinds of bad things in the Wisconsin Republicans’ just-passed power-grab legislation. Read more


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Zina Saunders

Republicans are using their gerrymandered control of the state to push through a slew of power-grabbing bills before the newly elected Democratic governor and attorney general can take office. Read more


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Carole Trone

The nailbiter was emblematic of midterm elections across the country on Tuesday that delivered mixed results. Read more


The governor of the Cheeseheads called a deal “good news,” even though we are worse off with our number one cheese export trading partner. Read more


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Richard Hurd

Under the Republican governor, public education in Wisconsin is hemorrhaging. Read more

Public School Shakedown

An illustrated journey into the dark heart of a really bad deal. Read more


Considering that Wisconsin is last in start-up activity, maybe a U-turn is exactly what we need. Read more


"He collected money in a mayonnaise jar and bought a flag..." Read more

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On Wednesday, Scott Walker's "Talk With Walker" tour stopped in Madison at Virent, a biofuels and chemical company. Read more