Roger Bybee


Roger Bybee, a frequent contributor to The Progressive, is a freelance labor journalist and labor-studies instructor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the former editor of the Racine Labor weekly.

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Roger Bybee

In the President’s view, the Democratic Party is a malicious, disloyal force with sinister and destructive plans for the nation. Read more


Sanders Medicare 4 All

Senator Sanders

The barrage of false narratives being fired from influential Democrats, including Barack Obama, is obscuring Medicare for All’s unique programmatic strength and broad political support in rhetorical smoke. Read more


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National Archives

Opposition to the Vietnam war burst into a wide range of activism, including wearing anti-war buttons while in uniform, petitions and demonstrations, guerrilla theater, staging hearings about war crimes, and throwing away the medals they earned. Read more



Tony Alter

Why are we seeing all the hand-wringing about “losing” private insurance when so many people’s experiences with it are so negative? Read more

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With Trump stretching the leash of dog-whistle politics, a powerful economic message with a frank recognition of race is key to winning in 2020, says leading author and law professor. Read more


Closed Factory (with Trump Shadow)

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Dig just a little below the surface and you’ll find that the much-discussed gains for working people are mostly illusionary. Read more


Are we witnessing a fundamental change in how the public views corporate incentive packages, and the craven submissiveness of elected officials who hand them out? Read more



The Taiwan-based giant is downsizing from promises of up to 13,000 new jobs, with 75 percent blue-collar production workers, to now admitting that production workers will compose only 10 percent of a much smaller “technology hub.” Read more


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Eminent domain is supposed to support projects for the public good. In Wisconsin, it’s been harnessed instead for private gain. Read more

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What do the Michigan and Wisconsin power grab bills mean for the future? Read more


“If you’re a local retailer or small manufacturer or artist or writer or publisher, you’re watching as your city and state hands your tax dollars to your most ferocious antagonist.” Read more




Contrary to Trump’s promises, the tax cuts for working people are “so small they could be erased by your rising health-insurance premiums. The same cannot be said for the rich- by 2027, the top 1 percent will be gobbling up 83 percent of tax cuts. Read more




Competition to woo businesses through incentive packages drain billions from public budgets and into corporate coffers each year. Read more



Gage Skidmore

The House Speaker’s decision to retire will remove one of America’s most pernicious political figures, whose mild manner belies the icy calculations of a man long driven by the doctrine of greed. Read more


Don’t get distracted—there’s an elephant in the room, and offshoring is its name. Read more

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How a nice Wisconsin Congressman became responsible for driving Trump’s heartless legislative agenda. Read more



George Hodan

The stakes are not merely about the arcane and obscure slicing and dicing of district boundaries, but raise far more fundamental questions about the increasing threats to real democracy in the United States. Read more


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Marinus van Reymerswaele

Trump University—notorious for fleecing its students—is the perfect metaphor for the Donald Trump-Paul Ryan $1.5 trillion tax plan, heavily tilted toward corporations and the rich. Read more

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This a splashy deal, a trophy for politicians. But the actual impact is another question. This deal comes with a very high price tag. Read more


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Randy Bryce for Congress

"I drive around my community and can point to things I've literally built, and I look at what Paul Ryan's done and see jobs leaving." Read more