We are calling on all people of conscience to shut down the concentration camps on the US-Mexico border through any nonviolent means necessary. Read more




The Stonewall riots mark the beginning of only one story. LGBTQ histories are deeper and messier and more nuanced than that one story can capture. Read more


Immigrant Rights

Nevele Otseog

In an era in which states are implementing anti-immigrant measures and the federal government is caging and deporting immigrants, Georgia provides a hopeful example. Read more


A Chicago project plants the seeds of neighborhood hope. Read more


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Hate Free Zone Queens Arts and Culture Committee

The diverse groups that drove the resistance movement to the retail giant signal a shifting politics nationwide. Read more

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EuroVision_Miriam Deprez_01.jpg

Miriam Deprez

Diverse groups of local and international nonviolent activists disrupted the festivities to protest against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. Read more



Unite Here Local 1

Hotel strikes in 2018 resulted in new agreements to increase wages and pensions, but the fight continues. Read more

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Private companies want to build new immigrant detention facilities, but communities around Chicago are stopping them in their tracks. Read more


A new biography of Tom Hayden tracks his political life, as a radical activist and later as a prominent California Democrat. Read more


Milwaukee public schools

Charles Edward Miller

In an historic election, the school board, long hospitable to private interests, is now controlled by a pro-public-school majority. That’s big news in a city that has had a giant target painted on it by the national school-choice lobby. Read more


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Four Necessity Valve Turners

Our case will be tried before a twelve-person jury, who will decide whether ours was an act of criminality or one of necessity. But the last word will not come from the jury, the judge, or the lawmakers. Read more


In a new book, Renya Ramirez chronicles the activist lives of her Ho-chunk and Ojibwe grandparents Henry and Elizabeth Cloud. Read more


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Oregon DOT

The transition to renewable energy envisioned in the Green New Deal holds the potential for a radical decentralization of power, not the top-down control Mitch McConnell claims. Read more

, Op-Eds

“Inconvenient Billionaire” Tom Steyer has poured tens of millions of dollars into organizing people to go further and fight harder for progressive causes. Read more



Lorie Shaull

Climate, indigenous rights, and water security are all at stake in the ongoing fight against Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline. Read more

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The artist calls her series a meditation on “the tidbits of life” that make us who we are, and what happens when we have to flee. Read more


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Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon / NASA

Local residents now have standing in court to sue corporate polluters on behalf of the lake. The local effort has been vigorously opposed by a group linked to some of the largest corporations and lobbying groups on the planet. Read more

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Oakland technical high school.jpg

Daniel Olsen

More than 80 percent of teachers have cast a ballot — the highest turnout in the union’s history — and 95 percent have voted to authorize a strike. Read more

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Appalachians Against Pipelines

After more than 100 days up in the air, a small group of Virginia tree sitters are all that remains between natural gas developers and the completion of a 300-mile-long pipeline. Read more