Our collective amnesia about the history of the holiday is dangerous. more


step up rally

Chris Landsberger

Oklahoma teachers face the litmus test of whether to reinvigorate—or reinvent—their union. more

Public School Shakedown



A new team of billionaires, led by a prominent surgeon and storyteller, has plans for our health care system. more


The underlying cause of the violence they are escaping is a trail of blood and culpability that can be traced right back to the United States. more


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Brian Alberth

The proper time and place to protest, they say, is always the time and place where they feel they can most easily ignore us. When we show up at their churches, homes, and country clubs, we are no longer constrained by their rigged rules. more

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Union supporters say Janus is a big blow, but for many educators like me, it will be nothing new. The question is, what are the practical effects? more

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Law enforcement photo / The Intercept

Michael “Little Feather” Giron is the first person to face serious prison time for his role in the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. more

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Frances Madeson

Jill Bartoli of Carlisle was handcuffed and carted off through the hallways of the Pennsylvania state capitol. “I’m seventy-three years old,” she said of her arrest. “It’s time.” more



David Helvarg

We want to shift the burden of single-use plastics from the consumer to the perpetrators of a throwaway culture. #The Ocean is Rising #And So Are We. more


. . . a white woman stopped me and asked if I lived there. more

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Rick Christofferson

Just how far can the politics of resentment go in dismantling public education? more

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Joeff Davis

“Unfortunately, it’s not at all unexpected that police side with white supremacists.” more

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Fibonacci Blue

The network trains people to take charge of the narratives around police shootings, and to help communities heal. Cat Brooks describes how it's done. more



Wesley Fryer

Teachers are challenging a decades-long nationwide conservative campaign to shrink government. more

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Peter Tkac

The shooting of journalist Ján Kuciak sparked massive protests. more



Rick Reinhard

A remarkable groundswell against the status quo on guns in America. more


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Ady Barkan became a household name for speaking out during the fight for the Affordable Care Act and then against the GOP tax cut bill, which threatens healthcare programs. He's got a lot more things to say. more



Alexandra Tempus

High schoolers in Madison join tens of thousands across the nation in a massive show of unity, walking out of class together to protest gun violence and advocate for gun control. more



Movimiento Cosecha

Sarah Jaffe speaks with Maria Duarte and Omar Cisneros from the Seed Project of Movimiento Cosecha fighting for their right to stay in America and to preserve DACA. more


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Fabrice Florin

Young people in Florida and elsewhere—articulate and thoughtful, media savvy and politically astute—are taking action against policies that are killing them in the classroom. They have a wealth of data to back them up. more