Reproductive justice

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Mary Duschene

Much time, energy, and money has been spent fighting the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine gender equity. But women aren’t just playing defense. Read more



Laura Kneedler

The American Medical Association, along with Planned Parenthood has just sued the Trump Administration for its ‘gag rule,’ on funding for abortion providers. Here's why the AMA says the rule, if implemented, “will be a national public health crisis.” Read more


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Lorie Shaull

This is a moment anti-choice politicians and activists have been working toward for years. With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, state-level activism will be front-and-center for protecting reproductive rights in 2019. Read more


Countries like Ireland and Argentina are repealing or reforming archaic laws on abortion. The United States is regressing. Read more


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Julie Halverson

For all the apparent unity and motivation drummed up by the Women’s March, what progress—especially on the theme of reproductive justice—can we look to as a sign of the power of mass action? Read more



Lester Public Library

The bill would ban employees of the UW System and University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority from making contracts with or performing any services at private facilities that perform abortions. Read more



Charlotte Cooper

Trump and the Republicans have been busy restricting women's access to healthcare. Time to get to work shutting them down. Read more



Adventure Jay

The Order on "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty," signed in the Rose Garden on National Prayer Day, effectively opens the door for employers to impose their religious beliefs on their employees. Where's the freedom in that? Read more


He was raised a Baptist and became born again as a teenager. Now he works providing abortions in the Deep South because, as he puts it, "is it right for me, as a Christian, to refuse to do them?" Read more



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“It is hard to over-emphasize how dire it is to have politicians messing around with healthcare that is actually life and death.” Read more


Last February Republicans may have tried to silence Sandra Fluke when they refused to allow her to testify before a House committee on the importance of contraceptives being covered by health insurance plans. Read more


Milwaukee is the latest target of a billboard campaign paid for by groups who claim to be pro-baby, but are truly against the rights of black women and families. Read more