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Reese Erlich’s nationally distributed column, “Foreign Correspondent,” appears regularly in The Progressive. His book The Iran Agenda Today: The Real Story from Inside Iran and What's Wrong with U.S. Policy ­is now available. Follow him on Twitter, @ReeseErlich; friend him on Facebook; and visit his webpage.

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Trump’s decision to de-escalate will save lives in the short run, but his actions have alienated tens of millions of people in Iraq and Iran. Read more




Robby reflects the views of many older white workers who are critical of the system and blame Democrats and liberals for its breakdown. Read more



Corrado Scropetta

“Morales was the glue that held everything together.” Read more



Noor Al Hassan

Once again, people in the Middle East want democratic reforms and an end to corruption and foreign domination. Read more


Brexit presents a serious conundrum for left and progressive forces. Liberals and social democrats suddenly find themselves in bed with Britain’s largest capitalist corporations. Read more




They say politics makes strange bedfellows. So does war. Read more


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Mahmoud Hassino

So far, the scheme isn’t working so well. Read more

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The United States has become a high-tech Bluebeard. Read more


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Despite legitimate concern over economic inequality there, the movement has pro-Western elements and has been encouraged by Washington in familiar, odious ways. Read more

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Reese Erlich

For the past year, the U.S. has escalated economic warfare with grudging acceptance by high-level Democrats and Republicans. Read more


It’s for many of the same bad reasons used by the United States to justify its military interventions. Read more


Elizabeth Warren

Edward Kimmel

Warren’s troubling foreign policy history includes uncritical support of Israel, supporting sanctions on Venezuela, and vilifying Russia and China as national security threats. But her views are also evolving. Read more


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Iris Ton

China and Hong Kong will be struggling for many years to determine exactly what “one country, two systems” really means. Read more



Reese Erlich

The Iranian government saw the President’s vacillation as a sign of weakness, one journalist tells me: “Iran was ready to retaliate on an unbelievable scale.” Read more


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Reese Erlich

By trying to isolate Russia and Iran, the United States is only isolating itself. Read more


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He was well known in the 1980s as an articulate, English-speaking defender of Kremlin policies. Then he began describing himself as a “man of the left.” Read more

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Reese Erlich is on assignment in Moscow. He offers this humorous memory about a long ago visit to that famed city. Read more


Biden backed the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and saw the expansion of U.S. militarism in the Mideast during his vice presidency, while Sanders has opposed all recent U.S. wars of aggression. Read more


“I’m sure he’s going to get a kangaroo court. I don’t see the government allowing Assange to put on a vigorous defense.” Read more