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Romero taught us all an invaluable lesson: He stood up to bullies and he did not turn his back on his people. Image credit: J. Puig Reixach Read more

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By Randy Jurado Ertll The last week of March is a time of remembrance for Latinos. We celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday, and we honor the memory of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona. His parents an... Read more


By Randy Jurado Ertll We need to revise our approach to fathers who fall behind in their child support payments. Too often, they lose all custody of their children, and they often end up in jail, especially if they are black or Latino. T... Read more

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El Salvador is still not safe 20 years after peace accords ended the bloody civil war there. Read more


White Americans and minorities are all in this together.
The U.S. Census recently released statistics that designate half of the U.S. population, 146 million, poor or low income. Read more


On the heels of the fatal shooting of Manuel Jamines by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, cities around the country should grapple with this issue. Read more


The Latino vote is still up for grabs. And whether Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Clinton captures it should depend not on their appeals to this particular constituency but on their broader appeals. Read more


Salvadoran Americans have become stereotypically associated with gangs. Continuing media coverage of the issue, most recently of a massive law-enforcement crackdown on Nov. 15 targeting a Salvadoran-American gang in Los Angeles, has helpe... Read more

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