Ramón Castellblanch

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Ramón Castellblanch

Ramón Castellblanch is a professor of health education at San Francisco State.


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As if getting older or facing disability isn't challenge enough the Republican tax plan portends a grim future for people relying on federal medical programs. more

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Without time for analysis and reporting, what do we know about the Graham-Cassidy bill? more


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Michael Vadon

No matter its shaky political future, the bill outlines a fundamentally re-envisioned plan and a new bulwark on health care for those who have long fought for universal healthcare from the margins. But it's not perfect. more

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A big difference from the current law is that this bill would make it much easier for insurers to discriminate against older, sicker Americans. more



Gage Skidmore

A House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was also deemed dead—until Republicans mustered enough votes to pass it. Still, the news for Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is hardly encouraging. more




As much damage as the bill would do in the next decade, it would continue devastating our health care system for generations. more


The Republican bill would let insurers play more games with coverage...and people's lives more


Making college affordable is the best investment in our country’s economic and political future. And it’s the honorable thing to do for strapped students and families. more


The Clinton campaign reached a new low in the California primary when Hillary Clinton tried to blame African-American unemployment on immigrants. more


The obesity epidemic is taking a staggering toll on American lives. more


Latinos lack adequate health-care coverageOctober 18, 2001 As a Latino man who has seen many of his own family members die prematurely, I'm disturbed by last week's report by the Institute of Medicine. more