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Independent Lens

In “Decade of Fire,”a South Bronx native puts an end to the narrative that blames the victims of ten years of urban conflagrations. Read more



Justin Hall

For many black people, the most surprising thing about racism is that anyone is surprised it. Read more




Trump’s habit of stirring up animosity toward people of color and other political enemies through his own irresponsible rhetoric is itself reminiscent of lynching times. Read more


The President’s upcoming visit to Minneapolis is being framed as something of a grudge match with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. But that’s just one element of the racial dynamics surrounding this tour stop. Read more


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Reducing yet another tragic loss of black life to a Hallmark card is not justice. Read more

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Eden, Janine and Jim

New York City set out to reform a system of academic hierarchy viewed as reproducing entrenched privilege. But, in that town as elsewhere, any move to disrupt the vaunted gifted and talented programs will run into resistance. Read more


Christian Dior’s latest ad campaign for its fragrance “Sauvage,” featured an American Indian dancing in full regalia in the desert. But that’s not what people should be mad about. Read more

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KCAU video

Thankfully, this Iowan Congressman isn’t into creative anachronism. Read more

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Why is Trump picking racial fights? The short answer is because he is a racist. The longer answer is that it is a great way to fire up his base. Read more


A legendary civil rights organization comes face-to-face with white supremacy—again. Read more

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How Florida has become a testing ground for law enforcement attacks on noncitizens. Read more


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Is violent American racism really this simple? Read more


Being told to “go back” reveals the desire of white America to bleach away the blood stains of its original sin: slavery. And there's been a long line of efforts to do that. Read more


12 Angry Men


Trump has dived deep into the septic tank before. But, folks, this is truly a new low. Read more

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Welcome to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Jimmy Emerson

One of the most segregated cities in the United States takes on racism as a health issue. Read more


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White House photo by Pete Souza

“Those of us actually working in education tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to tell you.” Read more

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The problem is exacerbated by the number of racially segregated charter schools in the state. Read more

Public School Shakedown

Vote here


The new law is already having a chilling effect on voting rights groups’ work to register voters in underrepresented communities. Read more

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Grass is Greener

The marijuana industry is blossoming, along with multiple challenges to correcting decades of injustice around the plant. Read more



Gordon Lew

The ripple effects of racially biased school discipline practices are traumatic for black families, including one I work with in Louisiana. Read more

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