Voting for the lesser of two evils isn’t always enough to get people out to the polls, but maybe voting to reverse a trend sending us toward some version of an American apartheid is. more


When I hear people like the Cherokee Nation’s Hoskins Jr. bashing Warren for her claim, it occurs to me that Trump’s racism has found a footing in tribal politics. more

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Racism in the classroom leaves white students racially illiterate. more

Public School Shakedown



As the 2018 midterm election approaches, the party is no longer making efforts to disguise its appeals to racism. more


The action of Daniel’s metaphorical one-act drama, “Gunshot,” takes place on a spectral set where characters wake up to their condition and decide to make a change. more


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When schools fail to challenge Eurocentric curricula and pedagogy, they alienate teachers of color. more

Public School Shakedown

A new tragedy is being used by Trump and others to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment. more


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Keith Allison

Should it take a sports hero to keep at-risk schools open? more

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Literacy has been, and continues to be, a critical component of African-American liberation. more

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The takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools is not a contest between ‘red vs. blue,’ but of whether democracy matters at all. more

Public School Shakedown

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‘I was most surprised by their reluctance to admit to their politics.’ more


Over the last six years, LeBron has carved out a legacy for himself as someone unafraid to use his platform to speak out about racism and police violence. more


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The movie is Lee’s best and most radical film in decades, and a lot of fun as well. more


Pundits say Louisiana has finally returned control of New Orleans charter schools to a locally elected school board, and that they are now accountable to the city’s residents. But New Orleanians will tell you: that’s not the case. more

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“There’s about 30,000 half-breeds up in Robeson County and we are going to have some cross burnings and scare them up.” more

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Nothing about Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach is addressing the root cause of migration. more



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A local activist talks about what happened after last year's ‘Unite the Right’ rally and why the eyes of the nation should still be on Charlottesville. more


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Cenac’s show is a look at policing, firmly rooted in the cultural landscape of America. more


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Natalie Maynor

A familiar story of public school 'failure' and state seizure is playing out in Jackson, Mississippi. Can the city overcome its racist past to find a better ending? more

Public School Shakedown

. . . a white woman stopped me and asked if I lived there. more

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